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Readers talk about guns, metal detectors and voter accountability – New York Daily News

New Rochelle, NY: Once again the death knell is tolling for innocent children and adults and we can only pray and mourn such tragic losses. A young man, his identity irrelevant in terms of race or color, obtained weapons of considerable destruction, allegedly seriously injured his grandmother, then killed 19 children and two adults in a school district near San Antonio.

What in the sacred name of God drives such despair? What voice has he heard that seems to demand that he kill such innocents and their teachers? This follows a recent tragedy in Buffalo, where 10 good citizens and warm souls perished at the hands of another young man.

We have to stop and see who we are, what we are and how we got here. It seems that the tail is wagging the dog and tragic consequences ensue. I believe that if the authors of our magnificent Constitution lived today and saw what is happening in our country, they would lead the attack on the Second Amendment so that it could reflect our current realities. Who the hell but a murderer needs to carry the kind of guns that kill, or craft them from an easily accessible internet blueprint to replicate a replica at home?

For my part, I believe in the teachings and values ​​of Jesus Christ. What would be his position on who, what and where we are today? Recreating governments with its values, norms and beliefs should be the major criteria for holding office. Warren D. Gross

Manhattan: Your op-ed “America Kills Children” (May 25) is profound. Persevere. Susan A. Stark

Jamaica: Here we go again, sending prayers to Uvalde, Texas, because of an 18-year-old villain who killed 19 children (babies) and two devoted and beloved teachers. We just sent prayers to Buffalo for the families who lost loved ones at a Tops supermarket. These mass shootings must stop. We need new gun laws now. Unfortunately, Republicans don’t want to do anything about gun laws. Oh yeah, let’s not forget Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who don’t want to get rid of the filibuster. Also, Manchin also doesn’t want new gun laws because he wants to keep his job in a red state (West Virginia). Most Republicans get money from the NRA so they can keep their jobs. Really sad ! Charlene Noir

Brooklyn: There is a simple way to end all these mass executions taking place in our schools and elsewhere in the United States. Legislators seem incapable of accomplishing anything without consideration. So ask the president to sign an executive order that says something to the effect that in the future, for every child who is senselessly slaughtered through school massacres, an equal number of you in Congress , selected at random, will be immediately removed from their posts with no chance of ever working for the government again at any level, and will not receive any pension. Watch how quickly a solution is found. Robert T. Mruczek

Flushing: It’s time for every school in the United States to have metal detectors and for everyone who enters the building, no matter who they are, to walk through them. I taught in one of the poorest neighborhoods in New York. When one of our students was killed by a bullet that ricocheted off a building, even though the incident happened over two miles from the school, parents demanded metal detectors and within 48 hours they have been installed. The fact is that the majority of these school shootings have taken place in middle-class or upper-class neighborhoods. What will it take to install a metal detector in every school? Stuart Baum

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Yorktown Heights, NY: This country was founded by the gun. Before that, its first settlers survived thanks to the rifle. The Union was held by the rifle. Our expansion nationally and globally was at the tip of a gun. The gun is as much a part of American DNA as apple pie and baseball. The bald eagle is our symbol, and rightly so, but it might as well have been the gun. Gabriel Pompey

Chappaqua, NY: The five Supreme Court justices who know the tenets of the Catholic faith well enough but felt that changing some states’ voting rights was entirely fine should read and reflect on the Beatitudes. Renee Pollard

Centereach, LI: Regarding “Can’t JetBlue fly mask-mandated planes?” (op-ed, May 20): It seems to me that the writer and his loved ones whose health is compromised should buy the best and most protective face masks available, namely the N95 or KN95 masks made in the United States. It makes sense that if other people aren’t wearing their masks, health-conscious flyers will protect themselves from the unmasked people around them. Asking JetBlue to have a special jet for those who have to wear masks is superfluous. Just wear your N95 – or two, if the writer and his family deem it necessary. Please note that I wear a regular mask when required to with no complaints except when I moan and moan about my foggy glasses! Richard Dragani

Garden City, LI: How is it a “good cause” to keep building owners from passing on rising costs to tenants? Construction costs are increasing at a rate well above the regional consumer price index! Much like the Rent Laws of 2019, passing “eviction for cause” will only push vacant apartment rents even higher, making the metro area even less affordable while discouraging homeowners. carry out necessary repairs and renovations to their aging buildings, killing jobs for contractors and skilled laborers in the process. Austerity is always a good cause when it comes to construction operations – just ask the residents of the Champlain Towers in Surfside, Florida. Christophe Vitale

Kew Gardens Hills: Dear Voicer Mike McCrory: You accused me of making ‘bigoted, unwarranted and unwarranted’ remarks about the St. Patrick’s Day parade in my recent letter about the Daily News’ lack of coverage of the parade Celebrate Israel. The thing is, I didn’t even mention the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in my letter. You’ve read about “drunk party people” and assumed I was referring to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. That makes you a fanatic, Mike, not me. And insulting my neighborhood wasn’t very nice either. Barry Koppel

Valhalla, NY: Before COVID, we had too many unemployed people. Now we don’t have enough workers? It does not mean anything. Anyway, why not use all the illegal immigrants we have allowed into the country? Register them, train them for the necessary positions (even if they are entry-level positions, then they would have a foot in the door) and they could eventually become productive citizens. I’m sure there are talented people from other countries who, with the promise of eventual citizenship, could grow and grow in businesses and businesses just like our own ancestors did. Instead of just giving them money, let them earn a living like we all do. Michael Grisanti

Snohomish, Washington: If a picture is worth 1,000 words, an editorial cartoon must be worth millions (Bramhall’s World, May 20). The question of which planet Congress is on is easy to answer: ours. We put them in Congress. Of course, in this election period, we can ask questions and demand answers. For example: why was the expanded Child Tax Credit not made permanent when it has helped millions of families pay their rent and buy food, and cut nearly half child poverty? What are you going to do about it? Listen to the responses, vote accordingly, and follow up. Elections are about who really serves the will of the people and who serves the will of other pressures. Let’s surprise Congress and weed out those who aren’t listening, not just against whoever is currently in office. And keep bringing those million-word editorial cartoons, Mr. Bramhall! Willie Dickerson

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