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Province Shows Continued Job Growth –

The Saskatchewan government says Statistics Canada figures, showing an addition of 24,000 jobs, demonstrate the province’s comparative strength in job growth. The increase was 4.4% from July 2021, the third highest increase among the provinces. He notes that all the growth was in full-time jobs.

In its statement, the government noted that in July 2022, Saskatchewan’s unemployment rate of 4.0% remained the second lowest among the provinces, down from 7.1% in July 2021 and well in below the national average of 4.9%, seasonally adjusted.

“Saskatchewan continues to be a national leader, with one of the lowest unemployment rates and one of the strongest job growth rates in the country,” said the Minister of Immigration and Vocational Training, Jeremy Harrison. “Low unemployment rates, combined with the strong job creation numbers we’ve seen over the past year, will lead to additional economic growth and prosperity that will benefit all residents of our province.”

In July 2022, full-time employment increased by 32,600 jobs (+7.1%) and part-time employment decreased by 8,100 (-8.1%) compared to July 2021.

Off-reserve Aboriginal employment in Saskatchewan increased by 8,700 jobs (+14.7%) for twenty consecutive months of year-over-year increases. Employment among Aboriginal youth also increased by 2,900 jobs (+25.9%) for six consecutive months of year-over-year increases.

Strong year-over-year employment gains were reported in accommodation and food services, up 8,300 jobs (+27.7%); health care and social assistance, up 5,700 jobs (+6.6%); and educational services, up 4,300 jobs (+13.5%).

During this same period, employment in the private sector increased by 14,500 jobs (+4.4%) and female employment increased by 13,700 jobs (+5.4%).

The youth unemployment rate (aged 15 to 24) of 6.0% was the second lowest among the provinces, well below the national rate of 9.2% (seasonally adjusted).

Several all-time employment records were set in July 2022, including full-time employment (490,300), off-reserve Indigenous employment (67,800), and full-time off-reserve Indigenous employment ( 56,500).

By July 2022, seasonally adjusted employment of 576,200 in Saskatchewan had recovered to 100.4% of pre-COVID-19 employment levels in February 2020.

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