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PM’s warning to stick with him on work | Mandurah Courier

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is urging voters to stick with the Coalition amid global uncertainty.

Mr Morrison reiterated that now was not the time for Australians to vote Labor given the pressures on the economy.

Campaigning at the Cowan seat in Perth, held by Labor Anne Aly by a slim margin of 0.9%, the Prime Minister announced funding to boost Australia’s defense capability.

Mr Morrison said his government’s $270 billion investment in Australia’s defense capabilities over this decade included a “strong pipeline of workers” in local industry.

“If (Opposition Leader) Anthony Albanese thinks the campaign is tough, I have news for him: the government is much tougher,” he told reporters on Friday.

“My warning to Australians is exactly the same as I have always said: we face some of the most serious economic and international security challenges that Australians have faced.”

Speaking at an event in Perth, Mr Morrison will say that leadership is about knowing your own beliefs.

“And the values ​​that underpin your beliefs,” he says.

“Because when you face uncertainty, that’s what guides you. That’s what you turn to.

“For me, it starts with family, community and country. With Australians.”

Mr Morrison will warn voters that an Albanian government will mean a weaker economy.

“It’s a risk Australia still can’t afford,” he said.

Meanwhile Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has been accused of failing to live up to key elements of Labor Party policy during the campaign but launched his ‘no one left behind, no one left behind’ pledge is retained” to alleviate cost of living pressures.

In Sydney on Friday, Mr Albanese said the Liberal Party was divided and led by a Prime Minister many of whose MPs did not want to campaign with them.

“They’re led by a man who many of his own benches don’t want to go near their seats with and who they don’t want to appear in public with,” he said.

Mr Albanese promised a Labor government would tackle cost of living pressures when visiting a community volunteer center in his own Grayndler constituency.

“What we need is not just cost of living relief during an election campaign that disappears once people have voted, what we really need are strategies and plans “, did he declare.

Mr Albanese said if elected, Labor would review all current government spending by the end of the year to find where spending could be improved.

New research shows the cost of living is the top concern for Australians voting on May 21.

Nearly two-thirds of voters want cutting the cost of living to be a top priority for the next federal government, according to a poll by the Australian National University.

Of 3,500 voters polled, 64.7% thought the high cost of living needed to be addressed urgently and came ahead of all other major political considerations.

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