Passion for chocolate led to the reopening of Honadle’s Chocolates

Formerly in IT, Bob Hohenadel, owner and chef at Honadle’s Fine Chocolates in Hartville, has a passion for chocolate. It’s in his genes.

His grandfather opened Honadle’s in 1928. The chocolate factory was closed for years until young Hohenadel reopened the business in 2005. Until 2019, Hohenadel worked part-time in the chocolate business while continuing to work in IT.

Hohenadel opened the retail store at 1138 W. Maple St. in Hartville in 2019. His wife and three children also work at the store.

Many chocolates are named after members of the Hohenadel family and their favorite flavor profiles.

“A timeless tradition…taste the difference” is the motto followed by the Honadle team, and it shows in the care they take when making the chocolate.

While in the shop on a cool fall morning, Hohenadel was excited to show off the shop. He mentioned his love of chocolate and how it grew over the years. Excitement showed on his face as he talked about reworking recipes over the years and the exciting things he had in the works.

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