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Pamplin Media Group – Endura products evolve to meet the needs of the timber industry in Prineville

The company continues to evolve and grow as a segment leader in entry door system components and lamination technology

Endura Products, a manufacturing company with a long heritage in Prineville, continues to evolve in the woodworking industry.

Ian Smyth, Endura’s divisional chief operating officer, said that over the past three years, Endura, like many manufacturing industries, has struggled with the fallout from COVID.

“Most of the facilities were operating before the outbreak started, and they suffered layoffs, and then the demand increased tremendously,” Smyth noted.

He said that for Endura, they particularly struggled with the staff. In March, when Smyth started his post at Prineville, they had 176 employees, an increase from 2020, when they hit a low of 120 workers. As of August, they currently had 233 employees.

“We added 33% in four months”,

Smyth said they have focused on human capital and brought staff up to the level they need to support their customers.

Smyth said if candidates are willing to learn, the opportunities for advancement are there.

“Bringing people and keeping them safe, that’s a big part of what I’ve really focused on during my tenure. There’s absolutely nothing worth hurting here, and anything can be done safely. We want to send every person home safely every day,” he stressed.

The most in-demand job opportunities include jobs in public and technical services (Tier II). These include tasks such as equipment operation and setup, maintenance-level tasks, and maintenance professionals, such as electricians and millwrights.

“You’re only stuck if you want to be. Dean (Noyes, HR) has done a really good job of putting in place a clear job level and rate progression… you have a clear career path from the start. first day.”

Dean Noyes, human resources business partner for the Oregon division of Endura Products, Inc., said they hired a number of people who had never been exposed to the factory industry.

“There was an interesting primer on what this opportunity is for people in entry-level labor jobs, like stocking shelves in a grocery store or working in a fast food restaurant. , and they want to take the next step. You have a real paid job with a full suite of benefits and a full suite of products that we offer.”

In the mill’s rolling system, upgrades have taken place and a brand new rolling line is being installed to automate the process.

“It changes the tasks a bit – it still requires the same number of people. Instead of stacking, you’re watching a stacking robot,” Smyth added.

Prior to starting his role at Endura, Smyth worked for Boise Cascade in Willamina, Oregon.

“Oregon is in desperate need of homes, and we are excited to be part of that solution and help provide people with the security of their homes as they are built.”

Endura Products, Inc. comprises 575,000 square feet and 88 acres of manufacturing facilities, and is located at 1155 N. Main St., Prineville. Endura purchased the facility in December 2016.

Endura is a market leader in entry door system components. Their headquarters are in Colfax, North Carolina, a suburb of Greensboro. The OEM Division sales team operates out of Clackamas, Oregon.

The company does not manufacture the door panel itself, but manufactures the majority of the components that surround the door system. This includes door frames, hardware, multi-point locking systems, and sealants that prevent air and water from getting inside a structure.

In addition to the new lamination process, Noyes highlighted a machine in their grinder that takes larger components and optimizes them, and after removing any imperfections, turns the product into usable panels for the components they produce for d other manufacturers.

Noyes has been in his role at Endura Products for about four months.

“We’ve grown since then, so it’s been pretty nice,” added Noyes.

He pointed out that through engineering efforts and the implementation of new and streamlined processes, Endura was able to handle increased productivity. Their management team is growing, due to the addition of production lines. They have added a second shift supervisor and are recruiting for a second shift due to high demand for Oregon Division (OEM) products.

Noyes said they had employees who were there until they were 45. He noted that in terms of operations and technology, employees are performing less laborious tasks, and as they move away from this process, people are supervising machines instead of manually moving equipment.

Endura recently hired a young man who recently graduated from Redmond Proficiency Academy and completed two years at Ohio State in electrical engineering. Noyes said they created an engineering internship program so he could intern with their engineering team.

Evan Newell, an engineering intern, said that after completing his studies in electrical engineering, he hopes to get a job in the field at the contracting level. While working in his internship at Endura, he discovered ground operations and the importance of replicating a process.

“Ground operations start from the basic level and run the machine, but at the end of the day, we can have the greatest research and development in the world, but it’s imitation rather than invention, so if you can’t imitate the invention, it won’t matter,” Newell stressed.

Newell did a bit of everything during his employment at Endura, but he also had the opportunity to develop innovative engineering solutions. He recently designed a timed misting device to aid in the bonding process, which provides a higher quality product.

“That was pretty cool,” Newell concluded.

Smyth and Noyes concluded that they are working to become more visible in the community. Endura sponsors a softball, soccer and cheering team and has been out in the community to increase its visibility.

“We’re starting to build that momentum where people show up and say, ‘Hey, I heard this is a great place to work,’ and that’s the best reward for Endura,” Noyes said.

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Endura Products Inc.

1155 Main Street North, Prineville

Ian Smyth, Division Chief Operating Officer

Dean Noyes, Human Resources Business Partner, Oregon Division

Office coordinates: 541-447-4195

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