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NYC program links retirees to part-time jobs that pay up to $35,000 a year

NEW YORK (PIX11) – Many New Yorkers are returning to work after retirement, adding valuable experience to the city’s workforce.

They are also able to bring money to families struggling to make ends meet. Whether they feel they have more to give to their city or are feeling the pinch of rising inflation and the high cost of living, older New Yorkers are getting back to work. They turn into Silver Stars in the city’s workforce.

Cynthia Murray, 67, is the first face people encounter when shopping at the official New York store across from City Hall. It’s all about the memories and her welcoming smile. Murray retired five years ago after working for the NYPD for 28 years as a dispatcher. Murray returned to work missing people and getting a paycheck.

Murray is not alone. Many NYC retirees remain retired; they are returning to work through a new city initiative called the Silver Stars program.

Retired city employees who want to work part-time and earn a salary in addition to their city pension can apply now. Jobs are available in project management, customer service, and healthcare management. Jobs are open at multiple city agencies, from the FDNY to the Department of Aging. Employees are given projects and can earn up to $35,000 a year, in addition to their pension.

“New York is an inclusive city. They represent the best of this city. It’s a diverse older population, so it’s the best in New York, and I know that label is taken. So those are our silver stars,” said Commissioner Loraine Loraine Cortés-Vázquez Cortés of the New York City Department of Aging.

Murray says she’s glad to be back at work. With four grandchildren, the extra funds help her support her family. And she feels like she makes a difference every day.

What you need to know if you want to participate in the Silver Stars program:

Employees work part-time and are assigned projects that typically last a year, depending on the needs of the agency. Employees can earn up to $35,000 a year and continue to receive benefits from the city’s retirement system. To be eligible, entrants must be fully retired from City employment, have no remaining sick or vacation time balance, and be a New York City resident. The Silver Stars program, currently a pilot program, builds on the success of the Department of Aging’s Senior Employment Program, which provides support for older New Yorkers to find work opportunities.

If you are interested in joining the Silver Star program, you can email or call Aging Connect at 212-Aging-NYC at 212-244-6469

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