Nokia will build an ICT and cybersecurity R&D center in Ottawa

OTTAWA, Ontario – Nokia Canada and its federal, provincial and municipal partners today announced plans to transform Nokia’s facilities in Ottawa, Ontario into a world-class, sustainable research and development (R&D) center. The Technology Center will significantly increase Nokia Canada’s capacity for innovation in information and communications technology (ICT) and next-generation cybersecurity. This transformation is expected to create more than 340 new high-value jobs and help Nokia attract highly skilled international talent to Canada’s technology ecosystem.

Nokia Canada expects to begin construction of the site in 2023 and plans to open the new facility in 2026. This project will transform Nokia Canada’s 26-acre campus at Kanata North Business Park into a sustainable and accessible business, residential and commercial hub mixed-use space where nearly 2,160 local Ottawa employees, residents and businesses, and Canada’s entire technology ecosystem can collaborate, innovate and drive well-being and prosperity in Canada and around the world.

New R&D center will help secure Canada’s position as a global leader in the green digital future by expanding Nokia Canada’s expertise in 5G, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, accelerating the growth of cloud computing software and improving digital identity management and security for devices connected to critical networks.

Nokia Canada’s connectivity solutions provide the essential foundation for major Canadian industries and infrastructure, including transportation, utilities, smart cities, government services and natural resources. Nokia Canada is also the primary supplier to Canada’s major telecom operators, including 5G radio and core, fiber to the home, IP routing, optical networks, cybersecurity, undersea cables and software network management.

The new Ottawa facility will support Nokia’s global goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 by implementing sustainable technologies including water-side heat recovery, heat recovery and energy on the air side, free cooling on the water side and rainwater harvesting.

The transformed campus is expected to allow Nokia Canada to increase its Ontario-based team by more than 340 positions to 2,500, of which 2,160 will be based in Ottawa, increase co-op and internship positions for university and college students by 100 in STEM fields. to 400 per year, and introduce new state-of-the-art laboratory space and equipment. Nokia Canada plans to invest over C$340 million in labs and equipment, labor and operating costs between 2023 and 2027.

The Government of Canada is finalizing plans to provide up to C$40 million through its Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) and the Government of Ontario, through Invest Ontario, will provide 30 million Canadian dollars to the project. These contributions will support the long-term capacity of Nokia, Canada and Ontario in cybersecurity, R&D and next-generation technology, including 6G, while providing well-paying jobs in construction and technology. .

The City of Ottawa, through Hydro Ottawa, will provide a capital contribution of C$2 million for the control system upgrade.

Read the full press release here.


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