Next-generation naval communications contract keeps Navy connected

Thales Australia has been awarded a contract extension by the Australian Department of Defense for the SEA 1442 Phase 3 program, an Internet Protocol (IP)-based Maritime Tactical Wide Area Network (MTWAN) supporting the modernization of the maritime communications of the Royal Australian Navy and Network-Centric Warfare Priorities.

The Thales MTWAN is at the heart of the integration and implementation of RAN’s maritime communication systems. The innovative solution involves an integrated IP-based digital environment, interfacing with a range of existing RAN systems. This low-risk approach provides future proofing through the use of off-the-shelf commercial components and reduces keep-alive costs.

Throughout the duration of the SEA 1442 Phase 3 program, Thales’ policy of continuous improvement and global access to cutting-edge technologies has enabled the adoption and implementation of next-generation system enhancements, ensuring that the system is future proof, able to support current and future information. exchanging requests, while ensuring interoperability with joint, coalition and allied systems.

Thales has developed and deployed several major MTWAN core upgrades to meet growing demands for increased bandwidth for deployed forces, diversity of communication media and improved cybersecurity of tactical networks at sea. This work has included the integration of additional commercial and military SATCOM systems, common domain networks and enhanced bandwidth utilization tools.

The contract extension demonstrates the deep technical expertise of the Thales Australia team provided by experienced and highly skilled Australian engineers located at Thales’s Secure Communications Center of Excellence at Rydalmere in western Sydney.

Vice President of Digital Systems at Thales Australia and New Zealand, Peter Bull, said: “We have been actively supporting the RAN for 12 years with the MTWAN system, ensuring that this critical capability provides the security and reliability that the RAN has need in operation. We are proud that the Commonwealth has trusted its partnership with Thales Australia by extending this MTWAN support contract even further.

About Thales in Australia
Thales Australia is a trusted partner of the Australian Defense Force and is also present in business sectors ranging from air traffic management and ground transportation systems to security systems and services. Thales Australia employs approximately 3,800 people directly and supports over 2,051 jobs throughout its Australian supply chain. In 2020, Thales Australia spent $657 million with 1,841 Australian suppliers, 82% of which are SMEs. Since 2018, Thales Australia has spent over $1.9 billion with local Australian businesses.

Thales Australia has a history of patient investment to develop advanced national capabilities in manufacturing, critical systems and services. Close collaborative relationships with local customers, Australian SME suppliers and research institutes, combined with technology transfer from our global business, enable Thales to tailor high-quality solutions for Australian and export markets, generating $1.6 billion in export revenue over the past 10 years.

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