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New Zealand’s cybersecurity and resilience investment comes at a critical time

A significant investment in New Zealand’s cybersecurity and resilience comes at a crucial time as geopolitical tensions rise and the country emerges from the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Budget 2022 provided hundreds of millions of new funds for cybersecurity resilience at all levels, including $30 million for CERT NZ, $18 million for NCSC, $12 million for GCSB for the counterterrorism and $24 million for police cybersecurity. Alastair MacGibbon, Chief Strategy Officer of CyberCX, said tackling cybercrime and leading New Zealand’s cybersecurity efforts are core government responsibilities.

“The increase in funding is a confident step in the right direction. The cybersecurity-focused measures outlined in the budget come amid growing geopolitical tensions for New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. These tensions are playing out in cyberspace, against a backdrop of a deteriorating cyber threat landscape,” he says.

“Combating cybercrime and leading New Zealand’s cybersecurity efforts is one of the most important roles of government – those who fail to provide cybersecurity will fail to keep their citizens safe, to provide essential services and protect local jobs,” he said.

Adam Boileau is the executive director of security testing and assurance at CyberCX and says the government is responding to an increased number of threats and incidents across all industries.

“Millions have been allocated to cybersecurity for the intelligence community, law enforcement, justice, health and education, reflecting the increased need to build our cyber resilience as the number of threats and attacks increase.

“This investment helps meet the real needs facing the private and public sectors, especially given the recent victimization of schools, hospitals and businesses by cybercriminals, which has had lasting effects. We welcome the opportunity to help secure and defend the communities we live in and the businesses looking to make the most of our thriving digital economy as they recover from Covid-19.” he declared.


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