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New Goldey-Beacom degrees target needed careers

Goldey-Beacom College will launch two new degree programs next year aimed at meeting the needs of local employers. | DBT PHOTO BY JACOB OWENS

WILMINGTON- Goldey Beacom College recently announced two new degree programs that aim to prepare students for success in in-demand career fields.

New bachelor’s degree programs include interdisciplinary studies and business administration with a concentration in business analysis.

The latter aims to meet a range of employer needs through classroom instruction and experiential opportunities.

“We know that all of our organizations are making data-driven decisions today, and we want to make sure our students are prepared,” professor emeritus and curriculum designer Patricia Buhler told the Delaware Business Times.

The program curriculum – which includes courses in data mining, software, and data analysis – culminates in a student-led research project intended to provide graduates with a competitive edge.

“Students will benefit from it. The cornerstone is going to prepare them well to get out there, get good jobs and be successful there,” said Joel Worden, GBC Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Associate Vice Provost for Academic Programs.

According to the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), 85% of employers find graduates with applied experience to be more attractive candidates.

By requiring students to apply their knowledge to a higher project, the business administration degree prioritizes career preparation.

“A lot of the employers we talked to when designing this project want to be able to see what students can do, it’s not so much what that degree is,” Buhler said.

Students who interact with real-world data and collaborate with community businesses through the program’s senior project will be able to share tangible evidence of their skills and marketable skills with potential employers.

According to Worden, employers are interested in candidates who “do a great interview, but also back it up with a really powerful demonstration of something they’ve done in the past.”

The college was able to identify the importance of applied learning in the business world by continuing to engage with employers such as Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase, as well as top data analytics innovators in the state.

The new Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies will also be useful for Goldey-Beacom students looking to impress employers because, according to the AAC&U, “Breadth and depth of learning is necessary for long-term career success.” . »

While capstone experiences require students to focus narrowly on a particular project, interdisciplinary courses encourage exploration in a variety of areas. Students pursuing the new BA program will be able to stack certificates in coding, logistics, and more. in order to graduate.

“We are looking at what certificates we can offer that will help improve the skills of the workforce,” said GBC President Colleen Perry Keith.

According to Perry Keith, the skills development will ease the transition of Goldey-Beacom graduates between entry-level and middle management positions in companies.

The college’s two new degree programs, both designed with labor market readiness in mind, will be available to students starting this fall.

By Emma Reilly

Delaware Business Times

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