Nelson Cares Society faces a cybersecurity incident

Nelson Cares said the cybersecurity attack that removed more than $550,000 from one of the company’s bank accounts had minimal impact on our frontline care.

“To date, the loss of funds has had minimal impact on our frontline care or any of the programs we offer due to the use of internal reserve funds,” the executive director of Nelson Cares, Jac Nobiss, in a press release.

“Our server system, customer, funder and donor information is fully protected,” Nobiss added.

Nelson Cares said the cybersecurity incident where $596,694 was fraudulently withdrawn from one of the bank accounts happened in July 2022.

Nelson Cares said the company is currently working with Nelson Police and the Nelson and District Credit Union to recover the missing funds.

“To date, $211,079 has been recovered, and we are currently working with the Nelson Police Department and the Nelson District Credit Union to have the remaining funds of $385,615 returned,” said Jac Nobiss.

Nelson Cares said that once the attack was discovered, staff worked diligently to maintain the trust of the community and those served by the nonprofit.

“We will continue to deliver service excellence in all that we do to ensure that the most vulnerable are cared for with the highest level of care, as always,” said Jac Nobiss.

“People housed in Nelson CARES facilities are at no risk of losing their homes.”

Nelson Cares said the jobs of company staff and people supporting the organization remain secure after senior management was able to move and change budgets to maintain jobs at all levels.

Nelson Cares said the board has been meeting regularly since the incident to bring the company back to a whole state.

“We have the full and unwavering support of our funding partners who are on our side to provide resources and assistance as and when needed,” Nobiss explained.

“We are extremely grateful for this incredible collegial connection of respect and trust from the community and our partners.”

The Nelson CARES Society, which works for a socially just society by providing programs and initiatives in the areas of advocacy, housing, employment, support services and environmental stewardship, is a mainstay in Nelson for 48 years and holds a healthy position within that community.

“We will all continue to work together and end this situation in a positive way,” Nobiss said.

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