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NCG Advisory Board Chairman Philip Niedermair inducted into Military Cyber ​​Professionals Association (MCPA) Order of Thor

STERLING, Virginia., July 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — National Cyber ​​Group (NCG) announced that Philip Niedermair, Chairman and Board Member, Senior Advisor to the U.S. Cyberspace Solarium Commission, has been inducted into the Military Cyber ​​Professionals Association (MCPA) Order of Thor. This prestigious award was presented to Mr. Philip Niedermair in honor of his contributions to supporting the National Cyber ​​Mission with the US Cyberspace Solarium Commission, his work in cybersecurity education, and preparing for the next generation of cyber professionals.

The prestigious Order of Thor Medal recognizes excellent service and contributions to the US military cyber community.

During the award presentation on July 21, 2022, Chris Cleary, Senior Cybersecurity Advisor to the Department of the Navy, commended Mr. Niedermair for his contributions over the past decade in support of the Cyber ​​Mission in Education, working solve the huge shortage of cybersecurity jobs. , and for bringing together diverse groups to address our country’s global cyber challenge.

Mr. Niedermair said: “I am deeply honored by this recognition, especially when considering the caliber of people and the achievements of past recipients, as with all such commendations, I could not have achieved this. without the help of many people, especially Dick Schaeffer, Lt. Gen. Rhett Hernandez (ret.), RADM Mark Montgomery (ret.), LTC John Quigg (ret.), and Peter Watts.

“This award is well deserved as Philip has worked tirelessly over the past four years for the formation of NCG to execute the daunting mission of creating an elite cybersecurity corps capable of starting on the first day on the job,” said David Moon, CEO of National Cyber ​​Group.

The prestigious Order of Thor Medal recognizes excellent service and contributions to the US military cyber community. The Order of Thor is named after the mythological warrior who fights beyond the clouds – fitting, given that the cloud is a widely recognized symbol of cyberspace. Being inducted into the Order of Thor is a recognition of members of the military community who have made significant contributions and embody the values ​​of loyalty, duty and excellence of the Military Cyber ​​Professionals Association (MCPA). Inductees receive a medal symbolizing appreciation from the US military cyber profession.

The MCPA is a not-for-profit organization and counts military members, retirees, and civilians from the cyber community. Learn more:

About Philippe Niedermair

Philip Niedermair is Managing Director of Alliances and Development at Ward & Berry, Chairman of the Advisory Board and member of the Board of Directors of NCG (National Cyber ​​Group). He is also a Senior Advisor to the US Cyberspace Solarium Commission and a board member of Nsiontec, Occamsec and Platform Aerospace.

Philip also acts as an advisor and sits on several boards, including the Gula Tech Foundation, LP First Capital, Squadra Ventures, the Army Cyber ​​Institute at West Point, the Federal Industry Roundtable Reserve Bank of Richmond, University of Baltimore Merrick School of Business, DEA Education Foundation, Royal Conservatory of Scotland and Historic Ships of Baltimore. Previously, he formally advised the Presidential Eisenhower Memorial Commission and the National Law Enforcement Officers Museum. He has worked in nearly every state and in over 40 countries and has managed several global programs as a personnel consultant for clients such as Coca-Cola, MasterCard, UPS and Citibank.

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About National Cybergroup

National Cyber ​​Group delivers cybersecurity workforce and talent development solutions by combining the strengths of America’s most recognizable name in foundational IT certification training, Total Seminars, and the most disruptive hands-on cyber training, CyberNow Labs, with new placement and staffing. solutions to attract, train and transition thousands of career seekers into entry-level and mid-level jobs as ‘Elite Cybersecurity Corps.’Find out more:

About the Cyberspace Solarium Commission

The Cyberspace Solarium Commission (CSC) was created in the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019 to “develop consensus on a strategic approach to defending the United States in cyberspace against cyberattacks with significant consequences”. The final report was released to the public on March 11, 2020. The William M. (Mac) Thornberry National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 reauthorized the Commission to collect and evaluate feedback on the analysis and the recommendations contained in the final report, to review the implementation of the recommendations contained in the final report and the completion of the activities initially planned for the Commission. Learn more:

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