National Cyber ​​League Announces Official Fall 2022 Cyberpower Rankings for High Schools and Colleges

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“NCL helps students prepare for a career in cybersecurity by providing guidance and support to develop the fundamental skills needed and also by connecting students with industry experts in the field.” – Monica Ipong, Director, CrowdStrike Global College Recruitment

The National Cyber ​​League has concluded the Fall 2022 contest to include three top college teams and one top high school team for the Cyber ​​Power Ranking. These four exemplary institutions represent the states of Florida, Maryland, California and Ohio.

The NCL Competition, powered by Cyber ​​Skyline, is a biannual event that allows students to prepare for and test themselves against practical cybersecurity challenges they are likely to face in the job market, such as identifying hackers from forensic data, pentesting and auditing of vulnerable websites, recovery from ransomware attacks and additional cyber skill sets.

The Cyber ​​Power Rankings is a published list of the top 100 schools in the NCL, representing the hard work and precision of college and high school teams. These rankings measure students’ abilities to work individually and as part of a team in performing a wide range of cybersecurity tasks.

  • The Florida Institute of Technology reigned supreme, coming in first with 100% accuracy and 2,755 points out of 3,000 total points.
  • The second-place collegiate team from SANS Technology Institute demonstrated an accuracy of 94.40% with a total of 2,750 points.
  • The third-place collegiate team representing City College of San Francisco scored 2,685 points with an accuracy of 93.44%.
  • First-place high school Lakota East High School led the high school division with 1,715 points with an accuracy of 67.20%.

See the full list of power rankings here:

The fall 2022 competition included 7,500 students from 470 participating high schools, colleges and universities from across the United States, representing all 50 states. Students who participate in the NCL receive valuable support through individualized screening reports that align their experience with industry certifications and government standards.

Coach TJ O’Connor of the Florida Institute of Technology has coached competitive NCL for several seasons, with this year being his second year coaching a top team. “Everyone wants the chance to learn how much their hard work has paid off: the NCL allows students to compare their progress against that of their peers nationwide,” O’Connor said.

NCL Commissioner Dr. David Zeichick is also an NCL coach who uses competitive challenges to supplement his conference material. “Giving students time to apply what they learn reinforces the course material. The NCL Competition offers countless hours of hands-on, out-of-the-box cybersecurity activities. My students have commented on how indispensable the NCL is in providing engaging challenges that allow them to dive deep into many cybersecurity categories,” Zeichick said.

The impact and success of NCL can be attributed to the support students receive from our sponsors. Corporate sponsors provide resources and direct employment opportunities to our students, bridging the gap between gamer and career seeker. “NCL helps students prepare for a career in cybersecurity by providing guidance and support to develop the fundamental skills needed and also by connecting students with industry experts in the field. This allows students to learn about all the types of fascinating roles available and tips on how to create a path to get into them,” said Monica Ipong, Director of Global College Recruitment for CrowdStrike.

“Employers are looking to hire candidates who can demonstrate they have the skills for the position. This can be difficult for students or recent graduates, especially those with no previous work experience. The NCL gives students real-world cybersecurity drills that represent the work professionals do every day, so they are equipped to demonstrate their skills to an employer,” said Franz Payer, CEO of Cyber ​​Skyline. “When they walk into an interview and they’re asked, ‘Do you know how to identify a hacker using log files?’ they can say, “Yeah, and let me tell you how I did that during NCL.” This experience becomes invaluable when applying for jobs.

Registration for the 2023 Spring NCL Contest begins January 30 through March 17. The regular cost to attend is $35, with late registration from March 18 to March 21 and the cost increasing to $45.

About the National Cyber ​​League

Established in 2011 by an alliance of public agencies dedicated to developing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals, the National Cyber ​​League is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on helping students develop , practice and validate their cybersecurity knowledge and skills. . To learn more, visit

About Cyber ​​Skyline

Founded in 2014, Cyber ​​Skyline is a cloud-based cybersecurity skills assessment platform that helps students and professionals track their evolving skills and helps companies find, identify and cultivate talent. Cyber ​​Skyline runs NCL competition with support from the National Cyber ​​League. To learn more, visit

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