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Minister of Children and Families (PT) – Episcopal News Service

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church is seeking a Children and Family Minister to nurture the gospel in the lives of our youngest members and help build a vibrant program to inspire families to join in building relationships with Christ. The Minister for Children and Families will oversee ministry to children from birth to grade 5. This person will support and lead staff and volunteers engaged in children’s ministry, encourage and equip parents and families to nurture their faith, and always be a loving presence in the lives of our children and in the life of our parish. . We are looking for someone with the creativity and hope that is demanded of worshipers at this time in our changing world.

Qualifications and experience

  • A Faithful and Committing Hope in Jesus Christ
  • Confidence in the guidance and encouragement of adults and young people in their ministry to children.
  • Contagious enthusiasm in recruiting, developing and equipping volunteers.
  • A solid understanding of the Bible and theology appropriate to ministry with young children, and personal beliefs consistent with Episcopalian creed commitments.
  • A conviction that Jesus truly calls all children to come to him, and an ability to develop new and creative ways to help children learn about God’s love for them.
  • A cooperative attitude and strong work ethic, recognizing the need to work in partnership with parents.
  • Preferably at least one of the following: a degree in Christian education from an accredited seminary (university or college); significant experience in children’s ministry or teaching

Time and Remuneration

This is a part-time position (30 hours per week), salaried. The Minister for Children and Families has the right to accumulate three weeks of vacation (including three Sundays) per period of 12 months worked. Salary range of $40,000 to $45,000.


  • Lead St. Andrew’s regular weekly discipleship program for children on Sunday mornings, both during and around worship. This includes selecting and planning programs, supervising a large number of children’s ministry volunteers, and teaching.
  • Plan and lead special children’s ministry events, such as Vacation Bible School.
  • Imagine and implement new programs to attract families to St. Andrew’s.
  • Support children and families within our community.
  • Supervise St. Andrew’s Nursery and nursery workers.
  • Assist the Rector and Deacon, as well as other staff, in providing excellent pastoral care to children and families.
  • Work with our Hands & Feet (outreach) ministry to ensure that children and families have a chance to share the love of Christ through service to our community.

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