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Mentoring Makes the Difference (Search and Employ Magazine)

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By: Maya Yegorova, for Search & Employ magazine

From a strong work ethic, resilience and patience to the ability to perform in high pressure situations and communicate effectively with people from different backgrounds, veterans bring a unique skill set to the hand. – of civil works.

Learning how to demonstrate these marketable skills to potential employers alone can be difficult. A mentor can provide invaluable advice.

No one knows this better than the mentors who volunteer with American Corporate Partners, a nonprofit that matches Fortune 500 corporate professionals with veteran proteges for a one-year, one-on-one mentorship.

Powerful mentorships

Based in New Orleans, Entergy employs more than 12,000 people who generate and supply electricity to 3 million customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. Since first partnering with ACP in 2018, Entergy volunteers have mentored 200 veterans and active duty military spouses.

Volunteer mentors like Scott Barrios and Dillon Allen enjoy helping their veteran proteges grow. A US Marine Corps veteran with ten deployments, Barrios is the Director of Sales and Partnerships for Entergy’s Innovation Lab and currently mentors its second ACP protege.

“Sharing the lessons we learned in the military with proteges is a valuable experience,” he said. “There are some things I would have done differently during my transition, so it’s great to share those as well,” he says.

Barrios’ first CPA mentorship with U.S. Army veteran Robert Riley resulted in several accomplishments. During their year-long mentorship, the pair focused on using LinkedIn, resume preparation and job search techniques. Eventually, Riley got a scholarship to Silicon Ranch Corporation.

Barrios believes that mentors are valuable assets at every stage of the professional journey. Whether proteges are seeking entry-level jobs or aiming to take on a leadership position and climb the corporate ladder, mentors can help them at any point in their careers.

Mentoring and skill building

Participants in the ACP Mentoring Program find value in a variety of professional areas, including:

  • 68% Improve resume and interview skills.
  • 61% Translate the military past into civilian terms.
  • 58% Refine civilian career goals and professional ambitions.
  • 58% Build a network of professionals.

Service & Growth

Dillon Allen, Senior Director of Nuclear Operations at Entergy, served in the United States Navy for 12 years. After leaving the military, he found mentoring to be a fulfilling way to continue serving his community. “The mentorship program aligned with my desire to do good things for the veteran community in a meaningful way,” Allen said.

With multiple mentorships completed, Allen finds the moments that stand out the most are when he can help a protege adopt a growth mindset, allowing him to see the potential in his career path. “The most meaningful moments I had with my protégés were when our conversations changed their perspective on the world,” he said.

Allen also discovered that growth is unique to each situation and each protege. For Allen’s latest mentee, Army veteran George Gudgeon, the mentorship resulted in an enhanced resume and a fellowship opportunity with Deloitte. In another mentorship with Army veteran Sally Gorham, Allen offered advice on succeeding in a male-dominated industry, which helped Gorham start his career with confidence. Although their circumstances were all different, the mentorship had a positive outcome each time.

The CPA offers a nationwide mentorship program that has helped more than 23,000 veterans and active duty spouses after 9/11. Interested candidates can apply at

Article originally published in the May-June 2022 issue of RecruityMilitary’s Search & Employ magazine.

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