Meet Rachel Chaleski, Danbury’s new state representative

DANBURY — While Republican Rachel Chaleski is excited about the opportunity to represent city residents in Hartford next year, the newly elected state legislator is quick to admit her budding political career is not not the product of a permanent aspiration to serve.

Weeks away from the stress of election night and casually sipping tea at Elmer’s Diner on Friday morning, Chaleski remarked on the lack of political influence in his family and described being far from exhibiting the characteristics of a future politician. She was never a comfortable lecturer and maintained an “intermediate” status as a student throughout her college career.

“I wasn’t brought up to be a politician – my family isn’t political at all.” Chaleski said. “Not at all. I remember going to vote with my parents maybe a few times and it was old school, pulling a real lever with a curtain but they never talked about politics.

After serving on the Danbury School Board since 2017, the school board president edged out incumbent Ken Gucker, D-Danbury, last month by a narrow margin of 27 votes to take the House 138th District seat and claim the only victory among the Danbury Republicans. Party candidate map.

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