Mayor Eric Adams expresses frustration over criticism of his professional performance by members of de Blasio’s team

NEW YORK – Eric Adams celebrated a year of work by accepting Curtis Sliwa as the Night Rats Czar, and the mayor also launched an attack on his predecessor.

Adams is furious at attacks on his first year in office by members of Bill de Blasio’s administration.

Adams hooked up one of the city’s new electric trucks to a charger on Wednesday, but the jolt was nothing compared to the electricity emitted by hizzoner as he kicked off the new year with a series of high-voltage statements – and surprising.

First, he accepted his Republican opponent for mayor’s offer to become a part-time Rat Czar.

“I know he’s probably been looking for a job since he lost the job he was trying to get,” Adams said of Sliwa.

Sliwa accepted in true Sliwa style – to the brownstone of the mayor of Brooklyn, who was cited for rat trouble.

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Sliwa, who said he would work for free at night and leave the bureaucratic part of the job to a salaried Rat Czar during the day, brought feral cats to eat the mayor’s rats.

“He said he was scared of rats. He’s intimidated by rats. I grew up with rats. I have it,” Sliwa said.

Then the mayor said he was going to send a message to get something off his chest – the de Blasio team’s criticism of his first year in office. People, he said, who after eight years, “left home in total disarray, and then they come and say, ‘Look at the mess you’ve made, Eric.’ I mean, Marcia, let “We do our job. They got eight years to do their job. Eight years to fix the Rikers. Eight years to deal with crime. Eight years to deal with education.”

CBS2 asked the mayor if they were successful.

“No, no, but they are now…once they’re gone, they’re experts in everything,” Adams said.

CBS2 initially tried to get a response from de Blasio’s team, even going to his home in Park Slope.

Bill de Blasio took to Twitter just before 5:30 p.m., said he had offered to help Adams and made it clear that no one was speaking for him anymore.

Political consultant Basil Smikle said Mayor Adams was right.

“Right now, to compare mayors who have been there for eight years to his, I understand his point. It seems pretty unfair,” Smikle said.

Adams said unlike Team de Blasio, people from the Koch, Dinkins, Giuliani and Bloomberg administrations have offered to help.

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