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Many companies are hiring, but many students are not interested

As summer approaches, many students are graduating and this year, finding a job may not be too difficult. Many companies are hiring, but local employment specialists say many students aren’t interested in what they have to offer.

Career services coordinators say many students have had the luxury of working from the comfort of their own homes in the last years of their studies, and some want this arrangement to continue in their careers. Others want higher salaries or stay closer to home, and due to the need for talent, many companies are trying to meet these demands.

Can I work remotely? Will it pay more than my part-time job? Can I stay near my home?

These are just some of the questions new graduates are asking companies.

“I think employers would probably say they’re going through a tough time,” said Shamarah Giannetto, Cuesta College’s employment services coordinator.

With many vacancies and not enough interest from candidates to fill them.

“We work with a surplus of opportunities, so students are able to really consider what will work best for them and for their schedule,” Giannetto said.

Early childhood education and health care are two industries that struggle to hire young graduates.

“Anything that’s really forward looking and working with the public, we see an influx of needs,” Giannetto said.

Giannetto attributes that need to having to suspend operations during the pandemic and now having to staff up.

“You know some of our students really want to have distance options because it’s been on offer for them for 2-3 years,” Giannetto said.

Cal Poly faculty say they see an abundance of opportunity and a strong job market in all industries for future graduates. Some companies even offer to train those who don’t have the necessary skills, all they ask in return is that the candidate is willing to learn and ready to work.

“A lot of them are open to students who may not have a college education in that particular field but can be trained,” said Amie Hammond, acting executive director of career services at California Polytechnic. State University.

Others offer financial incentives to hire talent.

“Some offer incentives and bonuses for bringing in new talent, but again that varies a bit by industry,” Hammond said.

Hammond says there are many factors involved in this shift in the current state of the job market, including the pandemic and retirements, but it has created plenty of job opportunities for new grads.

Not only are graduates picky about their jobs, but a new survey shows they also expect a much higher salary than they will get at the start of their careers. This article can be found here.

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