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Lycoming County Still Needs Employees | News, Sports, Jobs

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Although the county hired 16 employees last month, candidates are still needed to fill about 59 positions across all departments, according to Jessica Segraves, the county’s director of human resources.

“Which represents more than ten percent of our workforce”, said Lycoming County Commissioner Rick Mirabito. The county has 550 full-time positions in the county.

Both Mirabito and Segraves urged people to apply on, CareerLink or the county’s website.

“Visit our website and our vacancies are listed there,” said Segraves.

“Visit our job posting. Feel free to contact our Human Resources department, with any questions or interest in our openings,” Segrave added.

Employees hired, full-time position and rate of pay approved by the Commissioners are: John Zay, Patrick Maggs, Maintenance II, Facilities Management Department, $18.76 per hour; Jeff O’Connor, Rebecca Thomas, maintenance worker, facilities management department, $12.21 per hour; Jeff O’Connor, float truck driver, RMS, $18 per hour; Tyrell Drick, support supervisor, RMS, $26.73 per hour; Daniel Bower, transfer statistics. truck driver, RMS, $18 per hour; Riley Nonemaker, Registrar III, Jennifer Cartagena, APO, $14.44 per hour; Mark Stetts, Courtney Davis, corrections officer, jail, $18.10 per hour; Caitlin Karolyi, telecommunications intern, DPS, $17.18 per hour; William Miller, regional EMS training coordinator, DPS-EMS, $36,533; Chelsea O’Hara, Clerk III, Appraisal, $14.44 per hour; and Joshua Wolfe, Deputy Sheriff, Sheriff’s Office, $18.34 per hour.

Kathleen Stillings was also hired as a part-time administrative specialist in the Comptroller’s Office at $15.95 an hour.

Segraves also presented changes to three county employee benefit plans for approval by the commissioners at their weekly meeting.

“Three of our benefit plans were outdated and non-compliant with regulations regarding our mental health benefits,” said Segraves.

Currently, if employees go for a mental health visit, it would affect the franchise. With the change in plans, tours will now have a $10 co-pay.

“It’s a pretty big change and a big benefit for our employees,” said Segraves.

In other actions, the commissioners approved the following:

• Two turnkey change orders for the construction of an employee health and wellness centre.

• An agreement with Enginuity Mechanical Contractors for the replacement of capacitors at the prison.

• The 2022-2023 Radiation Emergency Response Fund grant agreement at a cost of $5,876.

• Emergency resolution for Resource Management Services to give them more time to transport leachate since their truck broke down.

• An agreement with Gillum Psychological Counseling Services for psychological testing.

• An amendment to an agreement with Dinges, Dinges & Waltz, LLC for legal advice for minors.

• An amendment to an agreement with Chester County for detention beds from 6/30/22 to 9/30/22.

• A change order with Wolyniec Construction for lot 2 of the bridge grouping program for $12,483 to allow work on the water main at the Loyalsock Township project.

The next meeting of Commissioners will be at 10:00 a.m. on May 12 in the Council of Commissioners room. 1st Floor Executive Plaza, 330 Pine St.

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