Long-term unemployed Australians are being kept out of work by the collapse in the number of entry-level jobs: Anglicare

A dramatic fall in the number of entry-level jobs over the past decade is keeping the long-term unemployed out of the labor market, just as the broader economy needs them most, new research shows.

The number of long-term unemployed – those who have not been in the labor market for more than a year – has more than doubled over the same period, and people with disabilities and older Australians are the most affected, according to a new report from Anglicare Australia to be released on Wednesday reveals.

It comes as the Royal Commission on Disability urged an employment service provider to apologize to jobseekers it failed to deal with appropriately.

The Anglicare report found that those most in need of help remain in the Employment Services system for an average of five years and are unlikely to ever find work again.

There are 15 job seekers for every entry level position advertised in WA, among the highest in the country. One in 10 of all vacancies in the middle of last year were at entry level, or requiring low skills or qualifications, compared to one in four in 2006 when recordings began.

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