Logitech fixes Apple’s Apple Pencil and sloppy new iPad work

Logitech’s iPad-compatible Crayon Stylus has been updated to accommodate the new, redesigned entry-level model announced by Apple. The new version of this alternative to the Apple Pencil, now available on the Apple site, retains the same features as the previous model. However, it adds an important novelty: a USB-C connector for charging. A novelty that, precisely, the Cupertino company has not included in the Apple Pencil compatible with the renewed tenth generation iPad.

The new Logitech Crayon, priced at €79.95, has functions very similar to the Apple Pencil of the Cupertino company. It is possible to navigate the interface, write or draw as you would with the Apple Pencil. It also includes palm detection technology to prevent the iPad screen from recognizing it when the user is drawing.

However, its autonomy is 7 hours on a single charge, while that of the Apple Pencil is 12 hours. Logitech, however, allows direct charging via USB-C. That is, to load it, just connect the pen to the USB-C cable as we would, for example, to charge the iPad itself. Charging the Apple Pencil, on the other hand, is a little more tedious.

The Apple Pencil charging odyssey with the new iPad

apple pencil

One of the main novelties of the iPad 2022, let’s remember, is the arrival of the USB-C port, since until now this model included a Lightning port. The entry-level iPad announced this October 18, however, continues to be compatible with the first generation Apple Pencilan accessory that still has a Lightning connector.

That is to say that it is no longer possible to recharge the Apple Pencil directly from the iPad port, or even directly from the cable, as is the case with the Logitech Crayon. To charge it you need an accessory which, although included in the box, significantly detracts from the charging experience. To power the Pencil with battery power, you must first connect the USB-C cable to the iPad. Then connect the port on the other end to the accessory, then connect the Apple Pencil to the accessory.

Also, if you’re a first-generation Apple Pencil user and planning to buy the new iPad, you’ll have to shell out 10 euros for this accessory.

It should be noted, however, that the Pencil lacks the Apple Pencil pressure points a feature that may be worth sacrificing given the price difference and the ease with which we can load the Logitech accessory.

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