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Local high school students honored for their leadership

May 13—HIGH POINT — A student volunteers with a group that addresses food issues in the community through her local Girl Scout troop.

Another student works part-time to help his aunt, who took care of him after his mother’s death, pay the bills.

And there’s the student who lost both arms from the elbow down but still plays soccer and plays a role in her high school’s student government.

These are just a fraction of the accomplishments of six local high school students who won the 2022 High Point Student Leadership Awards. They were selected by their schools’ principals and honored at a Thursday luncheon at the String & Splinter Club in downtown city ​​that attracted parents and loved ones, educators, community leaders and elected officials.

This year’s winners are:

—Marcel Bailey of Andrews High School. Bailey is an accomplished student in the classroom and an athlete for the Red Raiders football team. His mother died when he was a child, and Bailey and her younger sister live with her aunt. He has a part-time job to provide income for the household.

—Vilayvanh “Boun” Phanhvanh of High Point Central High School. She left her home in the Southeast Asian country of Laos at the age of 13 to seek a better life in America. She plays on the girls’ soccer team although both of her arms only extend to the elbows – the result of a horrific fire when she was 2 weeks old – and is active in student government and other activities. from campus.

—Liana Herrera-Sanchez of Kearns Academy. She maintained a high grade point average while enrolled in advanced level courses in addition to college level courses. She has volunteered with Open Door Ministries and raised awareness and funds for autism and breast cancer research.

—Wilnedia Florveus of Middle College at GTCC High Point. Florveus is already working on his real estate license and wants to pursue a career in commercial real estate. In college, she will seek a bachelor’s degree in business administration with the goal of earning a master’s degree in business administration.

—Hannah Elizabeth Covey at the Penn-Griffin School for the Arts. Covey has volunteered to help address food hardship in her community through her involvement with Girl Scouts. She participated in dual enrollment at Guilford Technical Community College during her junior and senior years and achieved honor roll “A” each semester.

—Edinam Joy Woka of Southwest Guilford High School. Woka serves in the high school leadership class and helps with various school events. She is an accomplished volleyball player and promotes sportsmanship.

Local businessman Matt Thiel, co-chair of the High Point Schools Partnership, started the awards luncheon 12 years ago. The awards are presented by the partnership in conjunction with the Guilford Education Alliance.

Each student received a watch donated by local businesses Simon Jewelers and High Point Jewelers and Fine Gifts.

“Every time students look at their watches, I hope they remember that the High Point community is always there to support them, now and always,” Thiel said. “These students are our future.

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