Liberia: Protest looms in demand for passage of cybersecurity law

Dozens of netizens have unanimously agreed to stage a peaceful protest at the Legislative Assembly to demand clarification on the delay in passing the cybersecurity law introduced in 2016.

The group planning the protest recently participated in a three-week training at the Liberia Internet Society School of Governance.

Cyber ​​laws are the laws that provide legal protection to internet users against a multitude of complexities and legal issues that arise from time to time.

The ever-expanding cyberspace has further given way to the specialized branch of law known as cyberlaws, which offers cyber protection to every industry and organization.

According to the group of young Liberians and IT specialists, it is very regrettable that the legislature and policy makers are slow to pass relevant documents like the cybersecurity law.

They said the instrument is meant to protect the country and every internet user from cybercrime.

“We will have to march again to the Legislative Assembly to find out the status of the cybersecurity law that we have drafted with the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications,” the group said.

“We need to pass this law so that we can be protected online and also create more jobs for Liberians in the ICT sector. We will not rest until this law is passed because it is a freedom and freedom that will make internet cybersecurity hackers responsible for anything [they] do us,” they note.