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A map shows the location of several parcels in Wailea where developer Ledcor wants to build 925 to 975 units in a mix of single-family and multi-family residential communities. — Graphic courtesy of Ledcor PBR Hawaii & Associates

Ledcor Maui is proposing to develop nearly 1,000 housing units among eight different properties in the Kihei and Wailea Resort communities, which will include open space and housing for the required workforce, according to the Office of Planning and Development. sustainable development of the state. “Environmental Note” released Thursday.

The proposed mix of single-family and multi-family residential communities, primarily makai on the Piilani Expressway, is still in the very early planning stages.

The “Ledcor South Maui Properties and Improvements” The project is proposed for eight properties, including a 23-acre property adjacent to Kilohana Park and the resort community of Wailea Kialoa. The 23-acre property was originally proposed for a luxury condominium project, the Wailea Resort SF-S residential project. It was proposed to include 57 single-family residential units that were expected to sell for around $3.6 million each, mostly to part-time residents.

Last year, Ho’oponopono O Makena, Maui Tomorrow Foundation and Sierra Club Maui Group filed suit in the 2nd Circuit Court against the Maui Planning Commission, Maui County and Wailea Resort SF-S Partners LP , alleging that the final environmental assessment of the project was insufficiently prepared and that the commission “badly accepted” this.

Maui Tomorrow executive director Albert Perez said Friday the groups won the lawsuit.

They wanted Ledcor to prepare the more detailed environmental impact statement for the luxury condominium project, but Ledcor had only prepared an environmental assessment.

It is fortunate that Ledcor is now preparing to do an EIA for its multiple developments in the region — the company recently submitted a Notice of EIS Preparation which was published in “Environmental notice”.

Perez said there will be impacts with the proposed projects, but with the studies prepared, the community will be able to provide feedback and suggest mitigation measures.

Ledcor officials could not immediately be reached for comment on Friday.

Currently, Ledcor offers an estimated total of 925 to 975 units, noting that the eight properties have a permitted density of more than 1,991 residential units. Ledcor will develop comprehensive plans for the remaining infill parcels owned, leased and available for acquisition in the Kihei and Wailea Resort communities.

The project documents did not specify the price at which the units could sell.

In addition to community open spaces, there will also be amenities and walking trails in the proposed communities. The project will also include park development and related infrastructure improvements. This includes products from Ledcor “Fair Share of Improvements to Pi’ilani Highway at Kilohana Drive”, according to the notice of preparation of the EIS.

Seven of the eight properties to be developed are located in the community of Wailea Resort, which received its rights in 1973.

The eighth parcel is just north of Kilohana Drive and the Wailea Fire Station and was originally part A of the 1982 Hale Kilohana Subdivision II, according to the EIS Notice of Preparation.

The total land area for the eight properties is approximately 156 acres. Undeveloped parcels are zoned for single and multi-family residences as well as community businesses, open space, active open space, road and utility parcels and part of the Pi’ilani Highway at Kilohana Drive.

After the rights, the project is expected to be completed in a series of construction phases over a period of 15 to 20 years, depending on market conditions, the notice said.

Ledcor will hold a public scoping meeting from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the Malcolm Center at 1305 N. Holopono St. in the Maui Research & Technology Park.

A 30-day public review and comment period on the notice ends on January 9. For more information on submitting comments on the project, visit planning.hawaii.gov, click on the “Environmental Review Program” then select “Environmental notice”.

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