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LCC graduate achieves her dream of becoming a nurse with help from WIOA — Neuse News

Lisa Satterfield of Snow Hill was thrilled to have successfully completed the Associate of Nursing (ADN) degree program at Lenoir Community College in May and to have the initials RN behind her name.

A non-traditional student, married and carer for her disabled husband, she was employed as a full-time care partner at Vidant Health while attending nursing school. She said things got tough during nursing school and she had to cut back on part-time work to focus more on school and her studies. She managed to support herself financially by working all weekends and holidays.

She endured a slew of emotions as her husband fell seriously ill and was admitted to hospital. “My husband needed emergency surgery the same day I was due for a nursing exam,” Satterfield recalled. “My instructors worked with me and allowed me to make up the test due to my husband’s critical condition.” She managed to complete her studies and pass tests during this difficult time. She was determined to complete this program and achieve her goal of becoming a Registered Nurse (RN).

For 25 years, she worked as a certified medical assistant and was looking for something that would give her more job security, better pay, and flexibility as she got older. At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Satterfield witnessed firsthand the shortage of nurses and decided to retrain as a nurse.

She was eager to help fight this pandemic as a frontline medical worker and knew she could do more. It motivated her to stay on track to earn her nursing degree and gave her the courage to enroll in the DNA program at age 50. She also enrolled in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act program and was awarded career counselor Ika Grant.

“School is very difficult at 50 and having a career counselor like Ika to listen to my challenges from a sick husband, a new grandchild I haven’t been able to see for months due to his school schedule and work, or how to juggle bills to make ends meet, made things less complex,” she said.

“Ika was very supportive the whole time, and she helped provide the extra support, encouragement, and nursing study resources I needed,” she said. “WIOA saved my life, paying tuition, Kaplan test fees, and State Board fees. Without WIOA’s help, I would have had to work extra shifts to cover school expenses. nursing program when I needed that free time to study and prepare for nursing tests and the NCLEX.

Satterfield graduated from the LCC’s DNA program on May 5 and passed her NCLEX state boards on May 17. On June 6, she transitioned from a part-time care partner to a full-time registered nurse with ECU Health Medical Center. She works on a general surgery floor and cares for patients who have had hip replacements, gallbladder surgery, gastric bypass surgery and kidney transplants.

“This (WIOA) program has been such a blessing to me, and I highly recommend it to everyone. “I am so grateful for the WIOA program.”

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