Lake Lowell Animal Rescue needs your help with a flood of rescues

BOISE, IDAHO – Lake Lowell Animal Rescue has been saving our little furry friends for five years now, but their selfless work seems to be getting more and more demanding. Despite new partnerships to help them save a few more animals, your help could definitely make a difference.

As we have learned from past stories, Lake Lowell Animal Rescue has an interesting history.

“It was kind of an accident, I would say,” said Lake Lowell Animal Rescue founder and director Melissa Blackmer.

Melissa Blackmer had moved near Lake Lowell and often saw several former pets left behind to survive.

“I thought, well, I don’t think I can do much, but let’s just try to help a few that I can,” Blackmer said.

Fast forward five years, and this idea of ​​helping has turned into a part-time job with the hours of two or three full-time jobs.

“If donors came on board, if the property was given to the rescue where we are, which is amazing, started recruiting volunteers, and it kind of turned into that,” Blackmer said.

His background certainly matched his big heart.

“And I’m also a vet tech, so the medical part, I feel like we’re doing a really good job,” Blackmer said.

But despite the qualifications and a few extra volunteers, over the years the number of animals they were asked to foster began to grow, eventually beyond the Treasure Valley area.

“Areas like New Mexico or Louisiana, Alabama, where the number of dogs, in particular, is just astronomical,” Blackmer said.

The reason? Unlike those areas, the shelters in our area have no-kill shelters.

“We get a lot of requests, you know, really urgent requests, like, can you please take these animals or it won’t turn out very well,” Blackmer confessed.

These animals are airlifted by a group called Greater Good Charities, and with them, Lake Lowell Animal Rescue has partnered with Petsmart and several local shelters to help as many animals as possible, but it seems like a never-ending mission. .

“Honestly, we get so many requests for admission that we can’t even answer them all. For example, I can’t even answer all the messages, phone calls and emails begging us to take the cats they found or they’re moving and they can’t stand it,” Blackmer said.

It’s stressful, selfless work that has saved the lives of thousands of animals, but Melissa and her team know that if they don’t do it, no one else will step in.

“There are days when I wonder why I’m doing this? I should be doing something less stressful. But it’s hard when you look at the faces of the animals you’ve rescued and think if our group doesn’t wasn’t here, all these animals probably wouldn’t be here,” Blackmer said.

That being said, it goes without saying that Lake Lowell Animal Rescue might need your help if you can. Whether it’s volunteering your time, donating, fostering, or of course adopting one of the many animals they and other valley shelters currently hold. With so many new residents finding their forever home here in Idaho, you can also help one of these hundreds of these four-legged friends find theirs. For more information, you can find them at

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