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Kate Middleton is skimping on the salary of a new assistant.

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Kate Middleton’s facial expression above is exactly the face I made when I heard the salary she’s offering for her future personal assistant.

The future Queen of England is looking for a new assistant – one of the job requirements is to be already big fan from her! – but this person had better be prepared to live in poverty while waiting for Middleton feet and fists. On Tuesday, the Duchess of Cambridge’s royal team announcement the personal assistant to the HRH Deputy Private Secretary, the Duchess of Cambridge’s position on LinkedIn, to support her official duties as Queen and her charity work. But the job requires a lot more experience than the £27,600 ($34,044) a year she’s willing to shell out suggests. The average salary for a personal assistant in London is £39,963, so why aren’t the royals paying at least market rate?

After doing some research, I learned that this lousy salary is equivalent to the average salary range of retail workers, entry-level positions, and fast-food workers in the United States and the United Kingdom. In comparison, the average apartment in the UK costs £758 (~$1,000) per month if you’re in town; £614 (~810 USD) if you are out of town. Royals, say what?? Do they want their staff to have to choose between food and accommodation?

Considering that Middleton at random abandoned her last secretary after her and William’s honeymoon, you’d think she’d cough up more money for a quality, trustworthy administrative liaison. We’ve all seen Diary of a Princesswe know how complicated and stressful waiting for a future queen can be. This “dream job”, in particular, is a full-time permanent contract and will require 37.5 hours of work per week.

The post says Middleton is looking for someone with “previous secretarial and administrative experience,” as well as excellent computer, organizational, and written and oral communication skills. The successful candidate will be asked to:

  • Manage and control the APS agenda, liaise with contacts, organize internal and external meetings, acting as their frontline representative to all stakeholders;
  • Monitor incoming correspondence, emails and phone calls for APS, take and relay accurate and timely messages and answer all questions to the extent possible;
  • Provide administrative and coordination support on specific projects for APS and the office at large;
  • Support the Events and Visits team in the preparation of visits and events and, if necessary, undertake reconnaissance with the APS;
  • Arrange travel arrangements (in conjunction with other relevant individuals as needed)

The first list of tasks is a full-time job alone.

Other duties include organizing Kate’s calendar, daily meetings, filing and paperwork, and a long list of other things. I don’t know – seems like a $100,000 year to me Publishon, and we know the firm can afford it.

At the time of the posting this morning, the position had more than 200 applications on LinkedIn. Let’s just hope these people are funded by their parents.

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