JSDC Board Approves Four Internship Reimbursement Program Applications – Jamestown Sun

JAMESTOWN – The Board of Directors of Jamestown/Stutsman Development Corp. on Tuesday, Jan. 17, approved four applications for its internship reimbursement program, but some board members said changes to the program may be needed.

The four requests were from Orn Family Dentistry, Tax Forward at Bank Forward, First Community Credit Union and Buffalo Grill. The JSDC Board of Directors unanimously approved applications for Orn Dentistry, Tax Forward and First Community Credit Union, but a discussion took place on Buffalo Grill’s application as to whether or not it met the program requirements. reimbursement of internships and if changes should be made. in the program.

The JSDC board approved Buffalo Grill’s application with members Mayor Dwaine Heinrich and Stutsman County Commission Chairman Mark Klose opposing.

Board member Rod Johnson said the candidate’s intern position for the Buffalo Grill generally didn’t match the student’s field of study. He said current members of the works council felt it was a continuation of a summer job and not really an internship.

He also said that Orn Dentistry’s request is a repeat request made up of the same person and the same company, but that it met the requirements of the program.

“I think the committee felt that we were looking for children, juniors or seniors,” he said. “We try to connect a student with an employer to try to retain them in the community. We didn’t think the intent was to get a freshman or sophomore and continue to submit these claims over a four-year period.

The Internship Reimbursement Program is designed to increase the number of local internships and help employers recruit and retain the workforce, according to the JSDC website. The program contributes up to $3,500 to reimburse employers who hire university/college students to help with payroll costs and is open to employers in Stutsman County. Employers may be eligible for reimbursement of half of salary costs.

Heinrich said he has concerns about Buffalo Grill’s candidacy because a current employee is seeking an internship as an assistant manager. He said some changes may be needed to the program and that the JSDC should not just help an employer pay part-timers.

“It’s a learning experience. We probably need to move forward with this one (Buffalo Grill app) and address the program in the future if anyone can be a repeat or not,” he said. “…We want to make sure it doesn’t just help pay for part-time jobs.

Councilor David Steele, a member of the JSDC board, said the program is aimed at attracting new people to the community. He said changes may be needed to the program, but it can be argued that there are no standards for refusing an application.

Jim Boyd, owner of Buffalo Grill, said the current employee enjoys working at the company and wants to learn the financial part of it. After discussions with his employee, Boyd said he felt it was best for the individual to be an assistant manager, so he could work with two other assistant managers to develop a strategic plan for the front line. business where customers interact with customer-facing employees. .

He said some students don’t learn how to deal with other people who don’t agree with others. He also said it was a good way to get part-time training as a manager.

In other business, the JSDC Board of Directors unanimously approved South Central Dakota Regional Council dues for 2023 at more than $36,400 with a 63-37 city-county split.

On the request for funds, it is stated that local support assists the regional council in disseminating information, promoting south-central North Dakota, coordinating regional efforts, communicating with lawmakers and the congressional delegation and to collect and share data for local authorities, residents and businesses. . The funds requested will provide local support to match federal and state grant programs, the fund request says.

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