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Jordan Rambo: Accenture’s People Connector

Jordan Rambo has been with Accenture for over two decades.

During his long tenure with the organization which began in June 2000, he had many different experiences and filled many different roles.

In March 2021, he was promoted to his current role as Managing Director of Accenture’s Greater Philadelphia area office.

During an interview with UP TO DATERambo has summarized his role into three different and equally important responsibilities.

“First and foremost, it’s about our people,” Rambo said. “To ensure that we create environments for our employees to feel engaged, seen, safe, connected [and] courageous.”

In his role, Rambo is responsible for creating opportunities for people to connect with each other and fortifying the environment to do so effectively.

Another responsibility relates to community engagement.

“We have a number of organizations that we work with from a philanthropic perspective across a variety of different goals and missions,” Rambo said.

He added that they range from food inequality to sustainability to workforce development, and beyond.

Some of the community work involves launching his Learning Network, engaging with the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, working with Recharge and Recovery Philadelphia, and many other corporate citizenship initiatives with organizations such as Graduate Philadelphia, Junior Achievement, Back on My Feet and Compass.

The third responsibility is to engage with its various customers, including Comcast and PECO.

Through these collaborations, Accenture is able to work hand-in-hand with other employers on similar efforts and initiatives.

“The intersection of these three elements – our employees, our community and our customers – is my responsibility to bring these things together in the Philadelphia area.”

He added that his vision is to “ensure that people feel connected, that they have the opportunity to be themselves fully, by creating spaces where we cultivate creativity and innovation, and by keeping also an eye on how we not only give back to the community, but celebrate shared successes by giving back to the community. »

A more holistic view of talent

In 2016, Accenture launched a new apprenticeship program to create opportunities for underserved and underrepresented communities to access jobs.

Beyond that, it has also helped create a new path to employment.

“We are committed, Accenture, as an organization to removing some of the barriers to how we vet talent and attract them to the organization,” Rambo said.

He noted that one of the ways Accenture has done this is to remove the four-year degree requirement for entry-level positions.

“It was one of the first steps we took. But as we thought about how we were going to look at other talent pools, the learning network became very vital to us as an organization. added Rambo.

Jordan Rambo says Accenture’s North American apprenticeship program has created a new path to employment. Photo: Jensen Toussaint/AL DIA News.

The pandemic has amplified many of the challenges that existed within the workforce, particularly with respect to disparities in certain communities.

Accenture’s approach, Rambo said, has been to build resilience within this workforce, hone talent and create new pathways to employment opportunities.

The apprenticeship program has grown over the years, in large part through Accenture’s engagement with organizations that have helped identify the city’s talent pool.

“There are a number of organizations that we saw as an untapped pool of talent that would fit very well with our aspirations to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce that would enable a pool of non-traditional talent to get into the mix,” Rambo said.

As the apprenticeship program continued to show its value, Accenture committed to filling 20% ​​of its entry-level positions with its apprentices.

“We see it as a tremendous opportunity for us to give back to the community,” Rambo said.

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