Johnstown council may have chosen the mayor without trying

New Johnstown City Council members, left to right, Charlie Campbell, Nicole Shook and Bob Orsini.  On the far right is the new city council president, Donald Barnard.

JOHNSTOWN — Two attempts to nominate a Johnstown mayor fell through at Tuesday night’s city council meeting, but the council may have named a mayor when it wasn’t even trying.

After failed attempts to nominate Jon Merriman and Ryan Green to fill the vacant mayor’s position, the council went ahead with business.

Later in the meeting, Merriman introduced a motion to appoint Donald Barnard as city council president. The board voted 7-0 in favor of appointing Barnard as chairman of the board.

The city charter, however, shows that the council’s actions may have had unintended consequences.

Johnstown City Charter: who becomes mayor if the position is vacant

The charter specifies:

In the event of a vacancy in the office of mayor, the president of the council succeeds to the office of mayor for the remainder of the unexpired term and the council elects another of its members to serve as president of the council for the unexpired term. mandate.”

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