Job Vacancy for B.Tech Graduates at Uber

Job Vacancy for B.Tech Graduates at Uber


Uber is recruiting an experienced Security Investigator I at its Bangalore site. You’ll solve intricate puzzles, piece together the darkest clues, while building and communicating solid work results. Candidates must have a driving passion for tracking down bad guys, as well as the intuition and judgment to effectively prioritize their work. Candidates should have excellent communication and problem-solving skills, as well as experience in dealing effectively and respectfully with sensitive issues.

The complete details of this work are as follows:-

Roles and responsibilities:

The ideal candidate must be able to:

Drive rapid response, mitigation and investigation of the highest priority cases impacting Uber and user data.

Conducting forensic investigations and presenting the results.

Develop automation to improve the consistency and efficiency of incident response.

Perform a threat hunt.

Collaborate with global team members to conduct global interventions and investigations.

Support and mentor analysts who perform investigations and triage.

Manage multiple cases and projects at once while effectively prioritizing time.

Produce concise yet thorough case reports for internal and external stakeholders.

The ideal candidate should also have:

Familiarity with forensic cybersecurity methodologies and software.

Experience supporting complex incidents or contributing to the analysis of large end-to-end investigations.

Basic command of scripting languages ​​to automate data collection and investigation workflows. Experience with building automation for incident response is a plus.

Threat hunting experience.

Familiarity with cyber intel frameworks such as ATT&CK framework and kill chain model.

Experience crisis events for a global company. Ability to work with geographically distributed teams.

Security certifications are a plus.


Must be experienced in the incident response lifecycle.

2+ years of hands-on experience within a security engineering or operations team responding to cybersecurity incidents.

Solid foundation in safety principles.

Knowledge of cybersecurity in at least one area such as network, hosts, applications, data, cloud, etc.

Strong problem solving skills.

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