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“Job seekers are not demanding on careers”

PETALING JAYA: Employers and industries need to be aware of job seeker demands, as this will help bridge the gap and ensure employment goals are met, and the right candidates are selected for specific career roles, said the experts.

Human resources specialist Thila Suppiah said the move was key given that Covid-19 brought the country to a standstill two years ago, leading to massive job losses.

“Job seekers are smarter now, especially after the pandemic. They want to give their best contribution to a company or an institution. They also want the space to grow in pursuit of that goal. Likewise, they took stock to reevaluate the time they spend with their families. It’s a big change (in mentality) compared to 2019,” she said. the sun.

Sabah’s Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Datuk Yakub Khan, recently said that job seekers in Sabah had not taken the opportunity to fill vacancies offered during four carnivals of careers organized in the state since January.

He said out of 13,313 vacancies during the four carnivals held in Sandakan, Semporna, Kota Kinabalu and Kota Belud, only 983 people managed to find jobs.

Thila said it was not fair to blame potential employees.

“Job seekers are not demanding and it’s not about gaining status because they want to build a career. This is a fair assessment since we have been going through a sea change spurred by the pandemic.

She added that industry players should list the benefits of working for them to attract talent, including flexible working hours and possibly a shift to a hybrid mode, noting that it was up to trade show organizers to l jobs to be aware of their target group.

“There needs to be a mix of positions with different players in the industry, not only for entry-level positions but also for experienced job seekers,” she said, adding that research needs to be done to know the direction of the job, which includes the use of technology. .

Dragonfire Corporate Solutions Sdn Bhd Managing Director Hanie-Razaif Bohlender echoed that sentiment, saying most job seekers discovered different strengths and skills they didn’t know they had.

“They are now better equipped knowing they have choices based on the options presented to them. They are now taking more care in choosing the right place to spend their time finding a job,” she said.

Meanwhile, job seeker and former researcher Roz Kamal, 50, said she had had to dip into her savings while working for a delivery company for the past five years.

She wanted to achieve a goal of earning RM150 a day, working 16 hours a day.

But she failed and only earned less than RM1,500 per month.

Roz said employers are hiring younger staff, with most being 35 or younger and with a minimum degree.

Former talent scout Christina Lee offers a ray of hope for seniors.

She believes there are other considerations when a company undertakes a recruiting campaign and for some, experience still matters a lot.

“It depends on each company’s direction, vision and what it wants in the short and long term. A person must position themselves in such a way as to present them favorably to a potential employer.

“A video CV can increase a person’s chances of getting a job. It’s about fitting in during the interview process,” she said.

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