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Jail Deputy Job, Recruit (Entry Level) – Clackamas County Sheriff



Applicants must take the REACT written/video exam and transfer their scores to Clackamas County by the recruitment closing date of May 23, 2022. The tests are available through the National Testing Network (NTN) and can be completed online at home as well as multiple locations in and out of state. Click on here to schedule a REACT test (or transfer a score). The passing score for REACT is 65 for each section, including the video, reading, and counting sections.

STEP 1: Pass/Fail Minimum Qualifications and REACT Testing

Applicants must meet the minimum qualifications and pass the REACT written/video tests (passing mark is 65 in each section) and transfer their results to the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office upon completion of recruitment (May 23, 2022).

STEP 2: Declaration of personal background and visit to the prison

All applicants who meet the minimum qualifications and pass the REACT tests MUST submit a Personal History Statement (SPH). The SPH deadline is June 6, 2022. You will be contacted by the Human Resources Department after step 1 and you will receive instructions on how to complete the SPH document.

In addition, you must go through a prison visit at our facility. Applicants will be scheduled in groups of 10-12 on multiple dates between May 26 and June 6. You will be offered a schedule of your choice.

STEP 3: Interview with the department (“internal”) and other post-offer tests
Eligible candidates who successfully complete Stages 1-2 may be invited for a service (“internal”) interview based on hiring needs.

Department interviews will take place at any time after the date of June 20, 2022.

If a conditional offer is made, applicants must also pass post-offer employment-related physical and psychological assessments and drug tests for the use of prohibited drugs.

At any time during the application process, applicants can activate their background case and assign it to a background interviewer. PLEASE NOTE: When directed by the Sheriff’s Office, a background investigator will contact applicants to schedule an INITIAL INTERVIEW. The INITIAL INTERVIEW will include meeting with a background investigator to take your photo, review the SPH and provide instructions on what documents to order.

Background investigations can be run concurrently with other testing processes. Background investigations are comprehensive, so they can take an average of six (6) to eight (8) weeks. Delays in processing your background investigation may be caused by not completing all entries, not submitting required documents, or references not responding to an investigator’s requests.

If at any time during the hiring process it is determined by the Sheriff’s Office that the candidate does not pass the background investigation, the candidate will be notified and the application will be inactivated. This may occur before, during or after any of the testing phases and/or placement on the eligibility register.

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