‘It’s bittersweet’: Greenwood fire chief to retire early next year

After more than six years at the helm of the Greenwood Fire Department, the town’s fire chief will retire next year.

Darin Hoggatt, a 26-year veteran of the fire department, will retire on February 3. He has served as the city’s fire chief since 2016, overseeing the department’s staff of more than 110 employees, including administrative staff and full-time and part-time firefighters.

“It’s bittersweet,” Hoggatt said Monday. “I have a lot of friends here. We are, the firefighters, a family.

Hoggatt, 52, decided to retire now for two reasons: he is now eligible and he got a job offer, he said. He was approached by Indiana University Health to become program director for academic affairs.

“I was there before I came to the fire department,” he said. “They always said, ‘We’ll get you back,’ so they managed to get me back.”

Prior to serving as Greenwood’s fire chief, Hoggatt rose through the ranks of the department. He worked as a firefighter/paramedic, EMS lieutenant, EMS division chief and deputy fire chief before being appointed to the top job in June 2016.

As fire chief, Hoggatt oversaw the $5 million move of Station 93 from Stop 18 Road to Cutsinger Road. He also saw the number of full-time firefighters in the department increase with 30 full-time firefighters hired since his first appointment.

Hoggatt hopes the department will continue to grow even more after he leaves next year.

“I hope it will continue to grow,” he said. “Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully it will continue to grow and that we will have more full-time firefighters after I leave. But I feel like I did a good job. »

Hoggatt has done an outstanding job for the city and his leadership has been outstanding, Mayor Mark Myers said Monday. In addition to growing full-time staff, he has also helped ensure employees have the training and equipment they need.

“He’s just been a great leader and he will be sorely missed,” Myers said.

As of now, Hoggatt’s replacement is unknown. The decision on his replacement rests with Myers, who says a letter will be sent out in the coming weeks seeking candidates.

“Once I get a decent list of candidates, myself and a few people will sit down and interview those people,” Myers said.

The top candidate will then be announced as the next fire chief, with the announcement likely after early February, he said.

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