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Halloween has come and gone. Many communities in our area have held big events like the Haunted Trail in Paden City, the Haunted Pool at Bruce Park in New Martinsville. Sistersville had Hocus Pocus in the park and each community had a Trick or Treat night. It’s a fun time for kids of all ages. the lines were several hundred long. And the weather was perfect.

Some of the costumes would scare a person if you come across them late at night. However, it is events like these that bring communities together. It’s hanging out with friends and neighbors and having fun that makes small towns special. Children get lots of sweets and have a lot of fun. These are the things they remember when they get older and have children of their own.

Trick or Treating was a special time for most of us. We all have these stories to tell about the tricks we’ve played on those who never handed out candy or those who didn’t look nice. But for the most part it was fun and games and no one got hurt.

As it’s over for another year and we look to the next major holiday, think about the scariest event to come in a while. It will take place on November 8, many of us will be glued to our TV sets while waiting for the results of the mid-term election. Will it be a trick or a treat? Save up a few of your goodies and settle in for a thriller. It could get scary.

Who knows what could happen. With several very close Senate races, we could easily see a shift in the power of Congress. At this point, it’s too close to tell. Don’t stay up too late as the final results might not be known for a few days. States like Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Nevada, Michigan, Arizona and several others are even dying and it looks like whoever comes out on top there will be recounts. By all indications, this could be the highest turnout in midterm election history. In 2018, a record 54% of eligible voters cast their ballots. It is now estimated that up to 75% can vote in this year’s contests. Georgia had 131,000 voters cast their ballots on the first day of early voting and it looks like the trend has continued across the country.

Many troubling issues facing the American public are said to be driving Americans to the polls. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican, Democrat or Independent, the results won’t satisfy everyone and problems are bound to arise. We can only hope that sensible and balanced people will remain calm, reject violence and accept the fact that our elections are fair and honest.

There are problems with every election, but not to the point that millions of dollars have to be spent overturning results certified by genuine and honest election officials.

Things pushing the country to the polls include the economy, inflation, abortion, gun control, crime, climate change. COVID, health care and social security, race, wars and foreign affairs, among others. These are scary times, inflation at the rate of 8.2%, has been a hungry monster that has devoured American paychecks and pushed seniors out of the job market. The available part-time jobs are now sought after by seniors who need money.

The most watched after Senate races and the two with the most implications going forward are in Pennsylvania, where Lt. Governor John Fetterman and R. Mehmet Oz are even dead, and Georgia where Raphael Warnock is ahead of Herschel Walker by half a percentage point. descending the section. Save some of your leftover Halloween candy for November 8th. Grab a bowl of popcorn for a real candy or treat night.

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