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“It was not honest, it was rude and authorized”

After finding a rich partner, a man comes under fire for insulting his parents.

He asked Reddit “Am I the A******? (AITA)” to weigh. His family wasn’t well off growing up, but his new partner is. Over the summer, he was able to lead a more lavish life thanks to his boyfriend. But when he visited the house, his parents weren’t too keen on how he interpreted the new experiences.

“I (24M) was poor growing up,” he wrote. “We had to live rough throughout my childhood and teenage years. The university was funded solely by scholarships and part-time jobs. I have no resentment towards my parents about this, but it was difficult at the time. I think I would still be struggling now, if things had been different.

“I met my partner (31 months) in my second year and we have been together for just under 5 years. His family was in the exact opposite financial situation from mine. He has an established position in his father’s company – he has since we met – and works remotely. Since I graduated in May, we’ve spent most of the summer with her parents, sightseeing and wandering around their various vacation homes. It was such a wonderful experience. I never expected to experience something like this, but the adjustment was easier than expected.

“As we were driving home this week, we stopped in to visit my parents (45F and 47M). While I was there I mentioned that this summer was like ‘what all the my childhood summer vacation should have been” and how excited I was for the future when my partner and I have kids and can give them this treatment.

“My mum was apparently incredibly offended by what I said and said they did their best for me when I was a kid. I replied that I never claimed otherwise. The argument ended with us still not seeing an agreement, and my husband and I made an earlier than planned departure thanks to the tension that remained in the house.

Redditors thought he was extremely hurtful to his parents.

“It was not honest, it was rude and justified,” wrote one user.

“How completely insensitive and hurtful. Your parents didn’t choose to be poor…no one did. It’s shocking that you don’t see how mean what you said was,” someone commented.

“You told your parents that they should have been rich enough to afford holiday homes and months of travel for the summer holidays. How could you expect them not to be hurt ?” says another.

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