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Is the 4-day work week the opportunity to broaden your skills?

Naturally, we all dream of social activities, downtime, and hobbies that we can fit into an extra day a week. But is that the only thing we could and should use it for?

For those early in their careers, as well as for people who are ready to move up the corporate ladder, this represents an opportunity for additional training and continued professional development that you may not have had the time, alongside full-time hours and a busy schedule. life.

Here we cover the ways you could use the four day week to advance your career.

Take an MBA

An MBA is one of the best things you can do to advance your career, especially if you’re looking to move into higher management positions. These prestigious qualifications will give you the skills to be a business leader. The demand for MBA graduates is growing, with 54% of businesses in Europe see higher demand in 2021 than in 2020.

Many people juggle part-time college and a full-time job, which can be tiring. After a long day at work, coming home and finishing school can feel overwhelming. Spending your weekends studying can also leave you with little opportunity to reset and recalibrate between work weeks.

A four-day week might give you the opportunity to focus on a part-time job online MBA courses for a full day each week without exhausting yourself. You can catch up on the lectures and complete the required work, even devoting the same time to it as you would at work on the fifth day. It can give you some much-needed downtime in the evenings and weekends and allow you to pursue your career without burning out.


Another way to put your extra day a week to good use is to volunteer for a charity or social cause. Many of us have causes that are close to our hearts and that we would like to support, but we do not necessarily have the time to devote to them.

Depending on the cause you choose, there are many volunteer opportunities that could broaden your skills and enhance your career – it’s not all charity shop work. You might work with animals in shelters or vulnerable people such as schoolchildren or the elderly in after-school clubs and nursing homes.

There are many skills you can learn or improve through volunteer work. Communication is a skill that can be improved in almost any volunteer role, as you will likely be working with a new group of people. If you’re looking to move up the ladder at work, you can ask to help with managerial duties, which many charities would appreciate.

Participate in microlearning

If you are not ready to follow a full course in higher education but want to devote your extra time to education, why not consider microlearning? This is the perfect solution if you can only afford to spend a short amount of time on a topic giving you succinct information.

What’s great about microlearning is all the possibilities it offers. You can choose a course that delivers its training through micro-learning, or you can gather your own resources and learn informally in your spare time.

Established companies such as Thomson Reuters offer micro-learning courses, while many universities also include it in their offers. Google has recommended microlearning to universities and colleges as a way to engage students and provide them with the tools to succeed.

The possibility of a four-day work week opens the door to so many opportunities. Parents might spend more time with young children, others might see friends more frequently, and some of us might get a well-deserved day on the couch. But for those looking for ways to advance their careers but are too short on time, it offers the opportunity for additional training and learning that could help you land your next promotion.

Maddyness, media partner of Heriot Watt University.

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