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Investing Extra Efforts to Realize High Aspirations

Standing just 5 feet tall, Makenna Spina aspires to succeed in the traditionally male-dominated careers of emergency medical technician and firefighter.

It’s ambitious, but getting into these fields is just the first phase of Makenna’s well-thought-out plan to achieve his long-term goal of earning a medical degree and specializing in neurological disorders.

When Makenna graduates from Venice High School, she will also complete her EMT certification at Sarasota Polytechnic High School, where she is dual-enrolled.

She’s one of six girls in a class of 23 at SPHS, but Makenna doesn’t mind outnumbering the boys.

The only girl in a family of triplets, she learned early on to assert her independence and hold on.

“My brothers are obviously stronger, but I learned to wrestle as a kid and enjoyed it a lot,” she says.

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