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Indiana National Guard seeks employers for cybersecurity job fair – Indianapolis Business Journal

An online career summit scheduled for July 12-13 aims to match cybersecurity-skilled soldiers with Indiana companies that have jobs to fill.

The event is hosted by the Indiana National Guard, whose troops include the Indianapolis-based 127and Cyber ​​Protection Battalion. The battalion was formed in 2020, and in November its soldiers deployed for a cybersecurity mission to Fort Meade, Maryland.

These Soldiers are due home this fall, and the National Guard is hosting a career event to help them find jobs after deploying to Indiana. Indianapolis-based strategic consulting firm Dioltas is hosting the event for the National Guard.

“These are very sought after people,” said Jeremy Brilliant, managing partner of Dioltas. “These are highly skilled people who we selfishly want to keep in our state.”

Many of those soldiers left their old civilian jobs when they deployed last fall, Brilliant said, which means they will have to find new jobs once their deployment is over. The purpose of the Career Summit is to help these nearly 200 soldiers find employment in their home countries. Most soldiers live in Indiana, although some also live in a handful of other states: Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, and Mississippi.

“What we’re trying to do is build Indiana’s defense ecosystem,” Brilliant said. “Keeping these soldiers in the state is really essential for that.”

Brilliant said Dioltas has already secured private sector and government employers for the career event, but is actively seeking others. These can be technology companies or other types of businesses that employ people with expertise in systems engineering, software development, information technology, cybersecurity, or related specialties. All soldiers hold Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information Clearance, which means they are eligible for jobs with defense contractors.

Priority will go to Indiana-based employers, Brilliant said, but organizers are also open to employers from other states who want to hire remote workers from Indiana or the other four states where deployed soldiers live.

Dioltas will pair participants prior to the event, based on soldier abilities and employer needs. Then, Soldiers and Employers will meet their matches at the event in a series of brief face-to-face “speed dating” style encounters. A happy hour event will follow, giving attendees a chance to interact in a less formal setting.

“Our goal is 100% placement, so we try to be very strategic with the employers we work with and match them with soldiers with particular skills,” Brilliant said.

Employers can choose to make job offers on the spot, or they can follow up with promising candidates and make hiring decisions after the event.

“Our role is to do the matchmaking and let both sides take it from there,” Brilliant said.

The soldiers will not be available to begin work until their deployments are complete in the fall.

Participating employers will need to travel to Fort Meade themselves or send a representative to attend the event in person. Employers must pay a referral fee to participate, and fees vary depending on how many matches a company wants. There are four different sponsorship levels that allow employers to have between 10 and 35 matches.

More details about the event can be found here.

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