In unusual move, clerk/auditor Jess Bradfield moves to part-time job with Cache County – Cache Valley Daily

Cache County Clerk/Auditor Jess Bradfield announced this week that he will transition to part-time employment with the county.

CACHE COUNTY — The first casualty in the ongoing feud between Cache County Council and other elected officials here is County Clerk/Auditor Jess Bradfield.

After being re-elected to his position on November 8, Bradfield announced this week that he was moving to part-time employment by the county.

“My hope of moving to part-time status,” he explained, “is that we can use the $160,000 of my total compensation, including benefits and 401K, for necessary items like election materials. .”

The change to part-time status is justified under Cache County’s code, according to Bradfield, which states “…if the county officer gives notice that he or she elects to work…less than 30 hours per week, in which case the part-time salary will be an hourly salary based on the pro rata of the full-time salary.

“The county officer may receive other compensatory benefits only with the approval of the county council. »

Bradfield said he plans to stay in his elected position, working around 8 to 16 hours a week.

“I will come early in the morning,” he said, “to make lists of tasks that need to be done. But I entrust the day-to-day operations of the Registrar/Auditor’s Office to my Deputy Chief, Bryson Behm.

These routine functions of the Registrar/Auditor’s office include issuing marriage and business licenses; process GRAMA (Government Records Access and Management Act) requests; tax administration; and, other functions.

Bradfield was selected by the Cache County GOP to fill the unexpired term of longtime County Clerk Jill Zollinger in September 2020. Despite a mass exodus of former Clerk’s Office employees following her appointment and a rocky relationship with members of Cache County Council, Bradfield said he was proud of the work that has been done to modernize his office.

“We worked for two years to build this team,” he boasts, “training them to be the best talent among the clerk/auditor offices.

“I believe they are now the most capable team in the entire state…What they don’t need now is another highly paid administrator looking over their shoulders.”

Bradfield, a former Logan City Councilman who gave up a lucrative human resources position to join Cache County staff, will now return to that field for a full-time job in a national industry.

“My expectations when I became a clerk/auditor were that I would be treated fairly with other county employees.

“When the county council voted to block anyone associated with (county executive) David Zook from getting a pay raise three times in a row earlier this year,” Bradfield recalls, “it created difficulties for my family due to rising inflation.

“Recently, I was offered a full-time position elsewhere in human resources,” he added. “Since I was already used to working 60 to 80 hours a week, it will work out well.”

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