In the Arena: Horns of a Dilemma

The Tallahassee Department of Public Utilities must verify the water provided to elected officials at City Hall. There may be something in the water that causes delusions of grandeur.

There are 282 cities in Florida. Tallahassee is the only city in the past 20 years where three different commissioners have sought the position of president of the Florida Democratic Party (FDP). Mayor Scott Maddox ran and won in January 2003. He served two and a half years and left the party in debt. Andrew Gillum ran and lost in 2010 to former state senator Rod Smith. This was not the end of their ambition. Maddox and Gillum both ran for offices statewide. Both lost.

Now Jeremy Matlow is running for the job. The reader should know that I supported Matlow for re-election with John Dailey for mayor and Diane William-Cox for commissioner. I like Matlow for the code he follows, his openness and his willingness to help others.

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