ICT training provider DDLS changes name to Lumify Group

Australasia’s largest provider of corporate ICT and digital skills training, DDLS has changed its name to Lumify Group to unite all of its training companies under one umbrella.

DDLS indicates that the new structure will work with Lumify Group as a global brand and incorporates the introduction of Lumify Learn, Lumify Work and enlighten people.

DDLS Australia, DDLS Philippines and Auldhouse will now be collectively known as Lumify Work; DDLS People resulting in several separate business divisions which will now be united under one roof, Lumify Group.

DDLS People will now be known as Lumify People and Lumify Learn will be launched in the new year as a brand new branch of ICT Consumer education, incorporating AIICT.

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DDLS says the dual purpose of the branding process was to unify DDLS business units under a single brand architecture, while focusing on its mission to “reduce the digital skills gap by empowering the workforce with future-oriented and in-demand skills”.

Jon Lang, CEO of Lumify Group commented, “The existing DDLS brand does not do justice to the progressive and modern organization we have become. While it has equity with our existing customer base, the name itself has no connection to what we do as a business. To move forward and continue to dominate the ICT training market in Australasia, we needed to bring our distinct brands under one umbrella.

“The rebranding is an important milestone for us and reflects our continued commitment to closing the digital skills gap in the APAC region by providing world-class training to our future tech workforce. In Australia alone, 286,000 people will need to fill tech jobs over the next four years just to keep pace with growth. Lumify Group’s ultimate mission is to meet this demand, empowering people and businesses with the skills they need to thrive in a future where technology rules.

“Over the next few years, we will continue to expand into other regions, target new markets and increase our investments in digital, flexible and customer-focused delivery and courses.

According to DDLS, the new name “Lumify” stands for enlighten, chosen to reflect the company’s belief in the power of learning and its ability to enlighten and transform.

DDLS says the rebranding will have no impact on the day-to-day operations of any business units or the student experience, and will provide a broad and diverse portfolio of over 600 courses to over 30,000 students per year across 90 classrooms, plus a growing range of self-paced, virtual online options.

Michael Crump, Chief Marketing Officer, Lumify Group said: “We wanted to design a modern, digital-first brand identity that communicates who we are now and where we are going. With so much growth and expansion, we felt the time was right to unite all of our different brands and services under one brand. But to do that, we realized we needed a new name. A name that truly reflects who we are, what we have become and where we are headed.

For more information, watch the Lumify Group video hereand visit the website at www.lumifygroup.com


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