How to start a career in the oil and gas industry?

The oil and gas industry is an attractive career path for many people. It requires a wide variety of skills and some educational requirements. If you have them, you are good to go in that area.

This industry is very attractive these days for young graduates and seasoned employees. Graduates want to start a prosperous career while experienced employees are looking for a high-incentive retraining.

Career growth in the oil and gas industry

Although there is a current decline in oil prices, the long-term approach to a career in this industry is promising. It is likely that the current drop in oil prices has influenced the decision of some new graduates to choose this industry as a career. However, that shouldn’t be the case.

This is because energy needs will always be high globally and companies will seek new talent in this area as soon as oil prices recover. Oil and gas have become a necessity for the entire world and that is why the demand for oil will always be booming. With this long-term perspective, you can be promised high career growth.

There will always be a high need for engineers, project managers, environmental consultants, offshore technicians and workers in the oil and gas industry. The world has huge oil reserves, which is why it needs more manpower.

There is an infinity jobs in the oil and gas sector in Canada, as it has the third largest oil reserves in the world. All you need to do is start at an entry level position or you can simply select a degree program at an industry affiliated college.

Job Opportunities in the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry offers different career paths that you can choose from. It all depends on your interests, the training you are pursuing, your location, etc.

However, the opportunities in this field are numerous. Here are three opportunities you can seize:

  • Entry-level positions and technicians

Like many others, you can start your career in an entry-level technical position in an offshore environment or a machine shop. The advantage of such a job is that you would not need to have a full 4-year university degree. In some cases, you may not need any degree.

Opportunities available are draftsmen, field workers, mechanics, welders, electricians and crane operators. You can get a job as a cook or housekeeper.

If you have an engineering degree, you can have a wonderful career in this industry. There is room for all kinds of engineers in this industry. Some of the common types are electrical, chemical, civil, and mechanical.

  • Project/Planning/Sales Management

Although technical positions are always high profile, there is also a side that is often overlooked. It is the project managers, sales teams and planning specialists who drive the business. If you have the skills and qualifications for it, the oil and gas industry would welcome you.

How to start your career in this industry?

For a profitable career, all you have to do initially is walk through the door. Which means you just have to get into the industry. It can be easy or difficult to find your first job in the industry depending on market conditions. If oil prices are low, then you will have to struggle a bit to find your first job. Whereas if oil prices are high and the industry is doing pretty well, you might not have to struggle as much.

Here are some things to consider to start your career:

  • You need to consider all of your options.

If you want to pursue a successful career, we advise you to consider all your options and not choose one major operator in particular like Chevron or Exxon. The oil and gas industry is huge and there are many onshore and offshore service providers.

Often, small businesses are eager to grow. They would be willing to offer you an internship which would help you build your resume and in many cases you would get a permanent job once your internship is over.

Networking solves a lot of problems in many cases. If you really want to start a career in this industry, you need to start building relationships. You can do this by finding national and local organizations or professional groups. Join them and get involved. This will help you stay up to date with current news and events. Also, keep in touch with your neighbors and friends.

As you would network with others, you would find unexpected opportunities among which you will find the one you can fit into.

If you are interested in the oil and gas industry, you need to market yourself in order to get your dream job. You need to stand out from the rest of the crowd in order to get the job you applied for. Structure an impactful resume with a cover letter that stands out. Remember to brush up on your interview skills and dress professionally.

On an industry basis, it is very important to market yourself correctly. All of your effort, time and energy can be wasted if you don’t show up.


The oil and gas industry is an attractive industry for a career path. However, if you have decided to build your career in this direction, you must be prepared for a bumpy ride. Although careers in this industry are tough, when it comes to rewards, they are also above average. You may find some of the most rewarding opportunities for future growth in this industry.

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