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How students can work on campus | Collegetown

OOne of the many opportunities available to MU students is on-campus employment. Whether students want to earn money to pay for their education or just want some extra cash, an on-campus job is an option for almost everyone who attends UM.

A student can work part-time in one of the many departments on campus. Their roles can include office support, retail, customer service and more.

Another type of job available on campus is the Federal Work Study. The work-study program aims to help students with the cost of their studies. Depending on a student’s financial aid from MU, the university will make the program available to the student after an application is processed.

To find on-campus job opportunities, students can search, where more than 165 departments on campus post openings.

What really makes working on the MU campus interesting is the flexibility of the work, said Kyla Andersen, member and guest services specialist at MizzouRec.

“Sometimes I have a class, then I run here, work a few hours and take another class. So that’s something I couldn’t do if I had a different job,” Andersen said.

Not only is it convenient that the jobs are close, but on-campus supervisors generally understand that students are at MU first for educational purposes, said Patrick Elmore, assistant director of admissions for MU.

“One of the benefits of working on campus is that we’re much more flexible,” Elmore said. “So if you need to take a day off to study for a test or need to do that project, it’s a lot easier to do than if you’re working in a downtown restaurant where they count on the people who are there at a set time.”

One of Elmore’s student employees in the admissions office is sophomore Anna Grace Weil.

Weil said she thinks an on-campus job is good for any MU student. “I recommend all campus jobs because I think it’s a great way to get out on campus and make your world a little bigger,” she said.

Carson Schieber, a sophomore at MU and a frontline worker at the MU Rec complex, said his world has grown thanks to his work on campus providing him with a new group of friends.

“I met a lot of people I wouldn’t have met if I hadn’t worked at Rec, so I was able to broaden my horizons a bit,” he said.

Not only are on-campus jobs convenient, they’re often some of the most enjoyable jobs a student can have, Weil said.

“The funny thing is, the longer I work here, the more I like it,” Weil said of his time in the admissions office. “My favorite thing about working for Mizzou Admissions is that in my job, I’m constantly reminded why I love Mizzou because I talk about it all the time.”

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