How Students Can Earn Money During Winter Break

It’s the season to make money!

That’s right, students: One thing that goes a long way toward paying for college (or covering those extra expenses along the way) is making the most of your long vacation.

Yes, it’s important to rest and rejuvenate during winter vacation, but it’s also a great time to take up a side hustle. I’ve put together a list of a few things you can do to earn money on your vacation, including what I’ve done myself. (If you’re not familiar with my story, I’ve won over $500,000 in scholarships and graduated multiple degrees debt-free. Now I’m determined to help you graduate debt-free, too. I promise you it’s possible!)

Why not head back to campus with a little more cash in your backpack than before? Here are some easy ways to get started.

sell your time

Your first option is to sell what you already have: your time! Think of your friends, neighbors and extended family back home who have to attend events and relatives from out of town to visit during the holidays. Send a quick text and offer to babysit their pets or babysit the house for them. As a mom of little ones, I jumped at the chance to do some last-minute shopping while a responsible student was babysitting my kids. People will pay a lot of money to have things taken care of by someone they trust, and you might be the perfect person for the job.

Take a short-term gig

Did you know that some companies hire seasonal workers for just a few weeks during the Christmas period? Some companies will even pay extra for employees who agree to work on public holidays when most people take time off. Maybe your family celebrates on Christmas Eve but goes to bed on Christmas Day – if you can work even part of some holiday, do it! Adjusting your plans doesn’t have to be an eternal decision, but small sacrifices like this will really pay off in the future.

Drive for Uber or Lyft

Speaking of easy income, apply to be a rideshare driver. Without roommates, friends, teachers, and homework to keep you busy around the clock, you’ll have more wiggle room than you think to earn extra income. Even a few hours of driving between your vacation plans can make a big difference. So if you have access to a car, take advantage of it.

Clean out your closet

Selling items in your closet is a great way to create space for things on your wishlist and earn some extra cash. If you’re like me, there are pieces in your wardrobe that you wear more often than others anyway, so put on your headphones, grab a snack, and start sorting. Shoes, handbags, hats, hoodies – anything you’d rather earn money for than use a closet can be listed on sites like Poshmark and Facebook Marketplace.

Apply for scholarships

I had many different jobs throughout high school and college, but the one thing that paid the most by far was applying for scholarships. Believe it or not, I actually treated this as a part-time job. And even if you are already enrolled in a university, you can do the same! There are thousands of scholarships available for upper grades and students with specific majors. Set aside an hour a day to research and register for scholarship opportunities. A little time could add up to a ton of money!

Alright, hopefully at this point you have an idea or two you’re considering – maybe you’ve even thought of a few more money-making strategies. There are so many things that make college fun, and in my opinion, one of the biggest benefits is having long breaks each semester. So start thinking now about how you can spend your break wisely. Spend time with friends and family, then try some of these ideas to make the most of your Christmas vacation and start the next semester off on the right foot.

You can do it!

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