How MONEY SHI went from an office job to success in the music industry

It can be difficult to stand out and build a successful career in the music industry these days. With
so many people try to make their mark in the industry, it can be hard to stand out
of the pack. The good news is that success is possible – many have already done it and
enjoyed enormous success, even as independent artists. One of these people is MONEY SHI, a
rapper and producer from Texas. With hundreds of thousands of followers on his social networks
platforms and millions of streams on major streaming platforms, MONEY SHI is one of the
the most successful independent artists today. It may seem that MONEY SHI has always been blessed
with talent and opportunity, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Its success story
emphasizes the importance of ambition, dedication, and patience in your pursuit of stardom.

MONEY SHI was born in Dallas, Texas and has been passionate about music ever since.
he can remember. From an early age, he would give concerts for his family with soundtracks
of his Nintendo 64 and lead his own orchestra with pots and pans. He first got into rap at
14 when he realized he liked to play with words to make rhymes. MONEY SHI was
particularly impressed and inspired by other rappers like Drake, Future, Wiz Khalifa and Gucci
Mane, whom he dreamed of seeing in concert. However, these dreams had to wait according to
his parents.

As an only son born to second-generation immigrant parents without a college degree, MONEY
SHI was expected to continue a traditional 9 to 5 job. MONEY SHI knew his parents would never
allow him to sing if he failed his exams, so he worked hard to appease them. He studied
Bachelor of Business Administration in Management at Texas Tech and started working in a
entry-level position at Oracle Corporation, which left him with little time to devote to his
passion. However, MONEY SHI was determined not to let his dream of becoming big as a
musician dies. He soon found himself creating beats on the side during breaks or at work
and uploaded them online, where they quickly gained popularity. One day MONEY SHI woke up
until discovering that one of his songs had been shared more than 1,000 times on YouTube!

It was then that he thought maybe he should just take time off from his uninteresting job and
pursue a full-time music career. After so many years of trying to build a “respectable” career,
this decision was not easy. MONEY SHI had to convince himself that what he wanted more than
everything else was possible and then doing a lot of networking hoping for his big break.
Eventually, an opportunity presented itself: Producer Cool Hartz heard MONEY
SHI’s work and took a chance on him, and the rest is history. Their efforts paid off in 2017
when MONEY SHI’s tracks “All Black Everything” and “Out My Way” climbed to numbers 7 and 9
respectively in the US Rap charts.

Since then, MONEY SHI has created more successful tracks and attracted a large audience.
worldwide. His work is popular on streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud.

The artist is currently working on other projects that he plans to perform on several stages across
the world in the future.

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