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How military and civilians work hand in hand at Edwards AFB > Edwards Air Force Base > News

About 75% of Edwards Air Force Base’s direct workforce is civilian and about 25% is military: a stat you probably don’t know. But, if you walk through a base gate, you might notice that the barrier between military and civilians isn’t as great as you might think.

“For us, as civilians, we come from different backgrounds,” said Officer Raynard Manibusan, 412th Security Forces. “So it’s good to fit in, to work together and to learn from each other. We work so closely hand in hand with everything.”

More than two million public employees protect the nation by serving in the armed forces, and more than 183,000 of them are full-time, part-time, term, temporary, and unassigned civilian Airmen of the Air Force.

Often working behind the scenes to support their military teammates, civilians help provide a stable base at installations around the world, taking on garrison missions to allow military personnel to deploy in support of overseas contingencies.

Manibusan is a new civilian police officer under 412 SFS and he says it is only beneficial to work hand in hand for the same goals and the same mission.

“There are other agencies such as fire department, local law enforcement, highway patrol which are civilian agencies,” Manibusan explained. “There are CEs, LRS, units like that, so having that camaraderie, especially if you have it across the base, makes collaboration a lot easier.

Sharing the military perspective, Senior Airman Devin Malcolm, 412th Security Forces, explained that bringing the two backgrounds together share different perspectives and ideas to conquer the same objective.

“You’re never wrong with the more the better,” Malcolm said. “It’s fun to work with a group of military people, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nice to have a few different faces, backgrounds and ideas to put into the workforce so they can help us accurately monitor the base.

Leadership emphasized that this camaraderie only strengthens team dynamics.

“Our civilian team members are invaluable to our mission and our family,” said Capt. Andrew Metz, 412.e Security forces, explained. “In addition to providing a diverse background and experience complement, they also provide a level of continuity that is impossible to achieve with active duty personnel. Our civilian officers are experts in this facility and how to get the job done, and I’m proud to see them share their knowledge and mentor our Airmen.

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