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How FortiCNP Manages Cloud Risk and Eliminates Malware

Expanded, Integrated, and Automated Cybersecurity Solutions Fortinet unveils FortiCNP, a new cloud-integrated offering that correlates security scores across an organization’s entire cloud footprint to facilitate cloud security operations without friction.

FortiCNP’s patented Resource Risk Insights (RRI) technology produces insights that help teams prioritize remediation and risk mitigation with the highest potential impact on cloud workload security without slowing down activities.

Fortinet also announced that it is the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Launch Partner for Amazon GuardDuty Malware Protection, providing agentless malware detection capabilities across AWS data stores, disk volumes, and payload images. work.

FortiCNP provides near real-time threat protection with permissionless capabilities to actively scan running workloads without impacting or delaying operations.

“Inundated with alerts, teams can face diminished productivity, inefficient workflows, and security risks that accumulate faster than they can be resolved. FortiCNP helps cut through the noise, directing teams to the most important security alerts,” said Doug Cahill, vice president of analyst services at Fortinet and senior analyst in the business strategy group.

“FortiCNP gives us complete cloud visibility with an intuitive dashboard that allows us to easily track risk management over time,” said Caio Hyppolito, CTO of BK Bank.

“Most importantly, it allows our team to focus on securing high-priority assets instead of spending time working through long lists of security findings. Integrations with the products we already have allow us to get even more value out of our deployment and enable broader visibility and easier, more proactive cloud security management.

A defining feature of FortiCNP is integration with AWS and Fortinet Security Fabric security products and services, which helps organizations better secure their cloud environments and maximize their cloud security investments.

“Security partners like Fortinet with their AWS-based FortiCNP offering integrated with our security services like Amazon GuardDuty give customers the choice to simplify and accelerate their cloud journey with cloud-native security services,” said Jon Ramsey, AWS Vice President of Security.

FortiCNP offers the following features that enable security teams to manage risk in the cloud:

FortiCNP Resource Risk Insights (RRI) leverages a patented risk scoring algorithm to contextualize the security scores of Fortinet cloud security solutions and AWS products and services to provide teams with insights into which resources pose the highest risk and require immediate attention.

By analyzing, correlating, and contextualizing the security findings of AWS cloud security services with FortiCNP, customers maximize the value and benefit from the deployment capabilities offered by Amazon GuardDuty Malware Protection, Amazon Inspector, AWS Security Hub, AWS CloudTrail, and AWS Organizations .

Integrations with Amazon GuardDuty Malware Protection leverage a permissionless, agentless approach to detecting malware throughout the data supply chain by scanning cloud data stores, disk volumes, and device images. workload.

Integrations with digital workflow solutions turn FortiCNP RRIs into actionable workflow tasks as part of the cloud infrastructure lifecycle.

For customers using Fortinet’s cloud security solutions such as FortiGate-VM and FortiWeb, RRIs will be able to trigger remediation to block high-impact threats.

FortiCNP analyzes and monitors changes to cloud data using threat intelligence provided by FortiGuard Labs.

It will be extended to ingest more types of cloud security findings to provide broader context across more cloud workloads.

Enabling consistent workflows that extend security into the public cloud helps teams improve security coverage, productivity, and risk mitigation, at the speed of the cloud.

Cloud-native integrations make it easy to reduce friction between deployment and operations. With consistent workflows using native cloud services across multiple clouds, security teams will no longer need to master the intricacies of each cloud platform’s security service operating model.

This will help security teams increase their productivity by effectively working on the cloud security backlog, mitigating risk, and measurably improving cloud security over time.

“FortiCNP is the latest example of Fortinet’s commitment to delivering fabric solutions that extend enterprise security with cloud-native integrations,” said John Maddison, executive vice president of product and chief marketing officer of Fortinet.

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