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How can legislators say they are doing their job? – Twin towns

How can they say they are doing their job?

What joke. We have $9 billion in excess taxes and they can’t agree on how to spend it.

Seniors are struggling to pay their health insurance, medications, rent, and all of their other bills.

The poor are thrown out of their homes and cannot afford to pay their bills.

Young couples with children are losing their homes to high taxes and child care.

And they can’t agree on tax relief or an end to Social Security taxation of the elderly.

But they can agree to let breweries sell bigger jugs of beer and sign this bill before adjourning.

I wonder how these people can look in the mirror and say they are doing their job.

Jerry Wiertzema, Woodbury

Enhanced security

As an Air Force veteran who once controlled access to nuclear weapons storage areas and aircraft warning facilities, I have a different perspective on school security measures than some people.

Whether protecting military installations from terrorist threats or schools from active shooters, the threat assessment process and countermeasures must be similar. Our children deserve the same level of protection as our politicians and government buildings.

Although background checks may be performed before someone purchases a firearm, former school shooters had no criminal history to report. Certainly, mental health screenings can also be done to deny someone the right to buy a gun. However, these measures have repeatedly failed.

Some Americans want greater restrictions on the purchase of certain types of weapons, but banning assault rifles will not stop the threat because those who intend to kill innocent people will simply use another weapon.

The measure that will significantly reduce the frequency and severity of a school shooter are physical security measures deployed in every school that prevent entry to the school by an active shooter, and that contain and minimize the threat of an intruder.

Enhanced security features that can stop a school shooter include a single entry and exit point in schools, bulletproof glass at entry points, an entry control system that denies access to unauthorized personnel, a “Sally” entry system with bell-controlled doors, fire doors throughout the building that can close and latch automatically to seal off access to the hallway from an intruder, officer armed positioned at each school and active shooter protocols with local law enforcement.

The United States gives tens of billions of dollars to other countries to help them provide greater security. It is high time we did the same for our children.

Corby Pelto, Minneapolis


In response to school shootings Letter to the editor of Thursday’s newspaper: Sure it’s the guns? Doesn’t a person’s finger have to pull the trigger? Guns don’t shoot at each other.

Michael Nohava, Prescott

What do they mean by that?

After that tragic shooting in Texas, the president came out and again called for “common sense gun legislation,” as is always the Democrats’ mantra. But they never tell us what “common sense gun laws” is.

Now that they control the House, Senate and Oval Office, it’s time for them to put their money in their mouths and introduce “common sense gun legislation” and show us exactly what they mean by that.

Don Anderson Jr., Cottage Grove

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