How Can California Improve Working Conditions for Community College Assistants?

The second-class status of part-time faculty at California community colleges is a decades-long problem that demands new solutions. With conditions worsening, state and local leaders must find new ways to address the problem, panelists said Wednesday during an EdSource roundtable.

This could include agreeing to a framework contract that sets minimum job requirements, salary and benefits; enact legislation to improve ancillary working conditions; and determining how best to use the $200 million proposed by Governor Gavin Newsom in the 2022-23 state budget for extended health care benefits.

Whatever the solution, panelists agreed that something had to be done for part-time faculty, also known as adjuncts, who make up two-thirds of instructors at California’s 115 physical community colleges. The loss of student enrollment due to the pandemic is costing them jobs. Often they work semester by semester with little or no job security, and these harsh conditions often trickle down and diminish the student experience, panelists said.

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